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  1. Eric, this kit chassis and drivetrain really are nice! I can see using the 5.0/T5 in a lot of other projects. As I have to wait to get my order, I will be watching what you do with this one.
  2. Nice try Randy, and a waste of animation, Brett. Now, if you would like me to flood this thread with pictures of the 1:1 cars measurements and the conversion math to PROVE 100% that this roof is FUBAR, I can do THAT too. And just so you know, the MPC roof is NOT correct either, but it is closer to 1:1 than this body. Edit note: I stated I have over 100 pictures of this body with the real thing (both an LX Coupe and a GT, since the doors are the same and the greenhouse has the exact same height between the two). This is not a joke to me, or others. While the rest of the kit (especially the drivetrain) is rather nice, the body is NOT.
  3. Being in the Midwest, we are still waiting for them to hit our distributors and then head to the individual hobby shops. Mine said sometime late next week is when they are expected to hit shelves. I have a case (12) of them on pre-order (did when I first got involved, and when they were released into Revells catalog). I will honor the pre-order, as I am one to put my money where my mouth is and keep a promise. Will I purchase any more..........that remains to be seen. Maybe from several bodies and lots of cutting/shaping/filling/sanding I can get a body to look close to correct. The chassis and drivetrain are nice, and can be used under other projects. Again, owning the real cars, working on the real cars, and racing the real cars, I can assure you the body is less than what it could have been and a long way from right. There are some good areas of the body, and the headlight buckets (while real deep) are well worth the extra time to detail out right (same with the tail light buckets, although they are missing the bulb separation between the back-up light bay and the turn signal bay.
  4. To answer your question, Danno, the kit fits with room in the box. So, I don't believe that would be a reason.
  5. To be fair to Ed, Scott; I was cut out of the development early when I leaked info that they were in development of this kit (In my defense, I didn't know that the conversations Ed and I had were private and confidential). The next time Ed contacted me was as the kit was already coming back from its' last test shots and for some info on the SSP package and car-specific (not agency specific) options for what years of build (such as when 10-holes went away for the stock version, when map pockets were installed, things of this nature). By the time I got to see the final results, it was too late (Toledo, and then again in Indy) for any real changes. They did go back and shrink the 5.0L emblem by 50% as Ed and I discussed that it was too large, but when addressing the other issues with the body it was too late. I feel somewhat personally responsible for this kit, as I did have knowledge of its coming and development. Being an owner of these cars (5 total and still own 3 as of this moment), I feel as though I have let down the Fox loyal (including myself and even Ed). Hopefully we can get a corrected body, as correcting this one (to the 'rivet counter' standards) will require a LOT of work.
  6. Yes, I do have the 1/32nd scale coupes, and they have a roofline/greenhouse that is closer to scale than this. I have been in the garage the last week with my kit body, measuring it up against my 1:1 Fox. It is flat-out WRONG from the window strip up. No matter the glass in or not, you can't deny the 1.75" chop this kit has. Anybody who owns these cars can SEE it, they don't need to measure it (but I did just to be 100% sure). To all of those who want to get on those who wanted a styrene LX, finally have it, and are now complaining: There is a reason we are (so get over yourselves). Accuracy is paramount, and this is not it. The chassis plate, interior (for the most part), and driveline are quite nice, but the body just fails to hit the mark. Believe me, nobody wanted this body correct more than me, and I even went so far as to get Ed and his development team in contact with a Mustang shop to get pictures and measurements (it will be represented in the upcoming drag car release of this kit). I have had multiple email and phone conversations with Ed while this kit was in its infancy and later at the tail end of development. I have been with this kit almost since concept, and for me to say what I do about it HURTS me. I love the Fox chassis, and will do whatever it takes to see one in any scale/representation; so to say this one missed the mark proportionally is a personal blow to me. All of you 'it is accurate' guys get the point yet? It sure ISN'T accurate.
  7. ^^^That pizza looks sooooooooooo good (dang this high-protein diet I have right now. Starting back into lifting weights and dropping pounds from my midsection) What is the picture limit per post?
  8. funny you say that, Tom. The Buckeye Scale Auto Classic did away with the TUNER class as the first year only had 1 entry. But, I have seen quite a few more show up this year at the show. They get grouped in with LowRiders or curbside. Now, most Tuners just can't compete with a well done lowrider, but I personally prefer the tuner aspect to lowriders (depends on the style and quality of either build).
  9. Pizza sauce? Thanks Brett, now I am hungry. I am not so much worried about pics for myself (I have had mine for over a week now, a gift from Ed) as I am pics for everybody else. (I was told not to say anything until they started hitting shelves). If I tried to post all the pics I have (well over 100), it would overload the site. (and in case you believe me to be kidding, there are a few who still post here who HAVE seen the pics).
  10. So, with those weighing in on having theirs already, where are the pics? JasonC, the SSI intake was NOT one of BBKs better intakes. It only performed marginally at best, and the only real things it had going for it were that it was better than a stocker (even the Ford GT40 outperformed the SSI) and it sure looked cool as all heck. It suffers from too small of a feed opening and too little plenum volume. now, get in there and open it up, then couple it to your ProCharger and you might just have something (Yes, I do play with FOX cars for a second living/fun).
  11. That B18 would be an almost direct swap. Grab the intermediate shaft from a DC2 and the mounts from a Del-Sol and you are in. Is it a B18B or a disguised B18C?
  12. I agree, smoothside beds are so much nicer. I just picked up an old Datsun smoothside pick-up and was deciding it's fate. May have to go with a clean mini-truck build for it!
  13. Heck yeah, finish her up! Love seeing the Foxes built, and the older MPC/AMT kits can look good when done right!
  14. Chuck, do you have the hood from that FC you took the engine from? If so, take the scoop too! Or go real crazy and use a Scooby STI Tidal Wave hood scoop!
  15. With the thin-skinned and tight-underwear-sporting majority in this hobby, better to keep it to yourself (or approach the matter via PM). Otherwise, you have a bunch of crybabies and a large clean-up on isle 6 to deal with.
  16. They are MOLDED in red, not painted. I can 100% gaurantee that. So that can be put to bed, and I have word from VERY GOOD authority that Revell will replace the red MOLDED lenses with clear lenses if you file a parts request via the normal channels. This is a current running change-over on their production lines right now.
  17. The 5.0 badge first appeared on the Fox in its first year (1979), but as Rick states it really didn't come into the spotlight until the return of the GT in 1982. 1986 saw the SEFI 5.0L hit production, along with the 8.8" and true dual exhaust. Also, thanks to the NTHSB, the chmsl was implemented across the board. Most people consider the 'Meca' of 5.0L to be 1989, when it went 50-state MAF. This ushered in the age of tunable EFI as we know it today.
  18. Jason, that is why I said the TurboGT was unveiled as a test for the EEC4/SEFI set-up. Yes, you could get the Turbo4 from 1979-82, but it was a draw-through carb set-up that was marginal at best. And I was referring to the TurboGT in particular for its' significance to the coming EFI generation. Being that I own a TurboGT, I have done quite a bit of research on the car and its rarity. Mine is an early-84, which means it still has the TRX/Slapper Bar suspension, non-Fog light nose, and 3-piece rear decklid spoiler. Mid-84 (hence the 1984&1/2 moniker), they switched to the Fog-light nose, the single-piece decklid spoiler, and the Quad-Shock Sport suspension. Engines were really unchanged from 1983 to 1984, with both years carrying the small VAM, 30#ph injectors, non-intercooled, and Garrett T3 .60/.63 non-water-cooled turbos. The XR4Tis got the same set-up, but with a water-cooled center section Garrett. The SVO received the intercooler, large VAM, 35#ph injectors, and the PE computer. 83-86 Thunderbird TurboCoupes were the same as the TurboGT, but in some cases getting the front-mount intercooler via Ford Motorsports. 87-88 saw the TurboCoupe get the top-mount intercooler, large VAM, 35# injectors, anf the IHI-Warner .60/.48 turbo. And you are correct, Jason, in the fact that the GT350 (Anny) pictured is actually a V8 car. There were only 147 Turbo4 Annys built.
  19. Aoshima is a mixed bag, some are curbside while others have engine detail. Their boxes will denote whether it has an engine or not.
  20. Just got back from the show/swap. Good time with a good vendor area!
  21. I prefer the Sweptline-Era trucks (1961-71) to the Lifestyle-Era (1972-92ish) trucks myself, but I still like a well-done Lifestyler! Honest opinion here; I wouldn't chop the top unless it is a very mild chop (1"-1.5") as the truck will look way too short vertically. If you are saying 'Bugger Off' to reality here, then a decent chop will be ok, but for a realistic chop, go small. Unless of course you decide to build a Ferrari-type monoque bathtub type chassis/interior set-up with deep-set seats and dash!
  22. That T-Top Coupe belongs to a member of foureyedpride and is a very sweet ride! The TurboGT was unveiled in 1983 as a test-bed for Fords SEFI/EEC4 set-up and proved to work well. 1984 brought the SVO into the picture, with vast improvements over the TurboGT (which it was sold along side of). 1985 saw the SVO continue but the TorboGT was discontinued at the end of the 84 season (sometimes referred to as an 84&1/2, same with the Annys).
  23. How about a 68-70 Charger grill, as it about matches the overall shape of the trucks grill area, or even a Charger500 grill?
  24. If it is an EK, I would almost say K20A. Maybe (and probably most likely) either the B18B or B18C.
  25. Personal opinion here, but if you are going to run those backing plates in the wheels, dark spokes would completely vanish into it. Use a lighter color (such as a muted silver, like what has been mentioned, or the GTA Gold).
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