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  1. Actually, the block is painted in Competition orange to carry through the overall color scheme . As for wheelbase , I have no idea what the Looghe built chassis specs were .
  2. No , sir . This is the body that came with the kit .
  3. Just a few more pieces to build and add on and I can wrap this one up . Thanks for the guidance .
  4. Testor's Clear Top coat enamel . We just did a test run for Mike Guest's new MCW enamel clear . It is an awesome product .
  5. Achieving the ultimate finish .....
  6. Polar Lights kit . Custom Pearl paint . Slixx decals . Detail Master wiring and fittings . Parts by Park . M.A.S. Tubing .
  7. Revell kit . Custom color , Testors enamels & Pearl X laden clear top coats . Dudek aluminum valve covers . Detail Master wiring and fittings . M.A.S stainless tubing .
  8. The Camaro was airbrushed with the Testors Chezoom Teal now sold in the 1/4 ounce bottles . The clear is Testors Clear Top Coat enamel . Thank y'all so much for your kind comments, they are greatly appreciated .
  9. LoneWolf15

    '67 Camaro

    Revell kit . Chezoom Teal enamel & Clear . Detail Master wire , fittings , and photoetch . MAD distributor . Valve covers by Dudek .
  10. Revell kit . Custom Testors enamel color and clear . Detail Master wires and fittings . Machined aluminum valve covers by Dudek .
  11. Tamiya Bright White & Racing Blue . Testors Wet Look Lacquer Clear . Slixx decals . Detail Master wire & fittings . Parts by Park air cleaners .
  12. Moebius kit . Tamiya Racing Blue & white gloss base , shot over with Testors Wet Look Clear laden with Pearl X . Slixx decals . Detail Master wire and fittings . Parts by Park air cleaners . AMT tires and Cragars.
  13. AMT kit built as a curbside . Custom mix of Testors enamel and Pearl X laden Clear coat .
  14. Yes , little brother , it is your color ! The Pearl X mix on this one really dances under the light .....
  15. Thank ya'll for the kind remarks , I greatly appreciate them !
  16. Testors Black enamel & high gloss clear . Wiring and fittings are Detail Master products. Valve covers machined by Bob Dudek .
  17. A start ... Sanded the deck and hood smooth . Testors black enamel and high gloss clear . Interior shot with dark red , masked off with bare metal foil , shot over with black semi gloss enamel .
  18. If you go to Patreon.com and punch in my name it will take you to the channel . Thank you for your interest .
  19. Thank ya'll for the kudos , they are greatly appreciated !
  20. Bob is retired now . Check with JDS Racing , Joe Cardoza might be able to help you .
  21. Thank you ! Took a year's worth of video for the completion but we feel it was well worth the effort .
  22. Finally finished . Color is Arturo's Fire . Revell kit . Detail Master fittings and wire used throughout build . Steel tubing supplied by Machined Aluminum Specialties . Wheels are produced by JDS Racing . Blower scoop , grill , and push bar were machined by Bob Dudek .
  23. No secrets here . Two choices for you . Obtain a copy of Model Car Magazine's January 2013 issue . Virgil Suarez and I did an article together covering the subject . Second choice would be to purchase a copy of Virgil's book on weathering . Either or teaches a step by step procedure , however , the book offers a much more in depth instruction on several other methods .
  24. Mike , We decided to go in a different direction . We started a learning channel at Patreon .com instead . $ 4 per week . Two ongoing projects , one is a work table to show table build . The other is a start to finish weathered piece . I realized that I can go far further into detail this way and I am not limited , time wise as I would with a DVD . In between the project segments which are once a week , we fill in with how to's videos . Thanks for your interest , my friend !
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