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  1. 2whl added a post in a topic Zvezda Black Swan   

    John....Thanks...hopefully I won't have to kick too many butts....LOL

    Joe...Thanks for looking in. The rigging is what's slowing me down right now. I've been studying the rigging diagrams to make sure I understand where all of the lines go to. There are 11 sails and each one has 5 to 8 lines on it. So there's going to be rigging lines going all over the ship. I'm trying to determine if I want to follow the instructions or put the sails on in a different order. And yes, the save on the case was fortunate. I had ordered it a little too tall, so it worked out when the bottom edge was cut.

    Kevin....Sharp eyes !! It Is supposed to be the sub in Operation Petticoat. I did a 'pink' build on another forum several years ago. You where supposed to build a model of any subject as long as it was pink.
    Chris....Not much of an update, but I have been doing stuff. When I got back from DSC, the extra rigging line I had ordered came in.

    I also rigged the blocks on the other two masts and installed them.

    Then I cleaned out a space in the TV cabinet so I could store and display the ship safely.

    I tacked a couple of sails on to get an idea what it will look like.

  2. 2whl added a post in a topic DESERT SCALE CLASSIC 2015 - NEW LOCATION & DATE   

    Here is a link to the pics I took.

  3. 2whl added a post in a topic Zvezda Black Swan   

    Chris.....no one's as fast as Johnny Southside!....LOL

    Ray.....R 'ye be going to DSC?

    John and Brad.....I'm happy with the different shades of brown, also

    The shrouds are in two sections.....lining up the top and bottom attach points and getting the centers glued at the right angles has caused a bit of pirate cursing.

    One of the parts broken was the pin for the top part of the mast. I ended up drilling both ways and inserting a piece of brass in for strenght.

    I mocked up the other masts and shrouds for a teaser look. Going to DSC this week-end, so no modeling until Monday.

  4. 2whl added a post in a topic Zvezda Black Swan   

    Now it's time to start the rigging portion...I tied some of the blocks to the first mast and installed it. And then the shrouds for it.

  5. 2whl added a post in a topic Zvezda Black Swan   

    John, Ray and Joe....thanks for looking in and your kind comments.

    The basic ship is done.....so I took some pics of it before I started putting the masts on.

  6. 2whl added a post in a topic Zvezda Black Swan   

    No plank Brad.....it only comes out when I need to get rid of 'unneccessary baggage'.....lol...dead men tell no tales !

    Somehow amongst the hundreds of parts...I manged to lose three of the supports that go below the side plates. So I made some up out of .040 square styrene. The white ones are the clones. The support in the center of these the is the 'imposter'. The swan is on....now I'm looking for a miniature bottle of champagne to christen it with. 564
  7. 2whl added a post in a topic Zvezda Black Swan   

    Thanks for the encouragement guys

    Joe....I would love to find some of those minions in the right size.

    More detail work done. All of the side plates are on....just need to finish with the supports that go underneath them. 484
  8. 2whl added a post in a topic Zvezda Black Swan   

    Thanks guys...I appreciate the comments

    So this is where I got to yesterday. I put the bowsprit gammoning on and some details outside of it.

  9. 2whl added a post in a topic Zvezda Black Swan   

    Chris and Art...thanks my friends.

    JC...it's a Teac from '73

    This is one of the steps I was very nervous about.....putting on the open cannon doors. Between getting the rigging right and glueing them on with a very small surface contact, I was anticipating problems. But they went on with a minimum of fuss'

    Here's the side with the closed gun ports.

  10. 2whl added a post in a topic 1/12 Scale: Custom "Day Cruiser" Boat: 12/30/14 on the bench   

    I'm glad my truck has the tow package so I can get it there....LOL
  11. 2whl added a post in a topic Zvezda Black Swan   

    Joe, I wasn't done with the fiddly cannon bits yet. There are a total of 12 cannons visible on the upper deck. Each cannon has three ropes attached to it to draw it back and forth into position. So a nerve racking 36 times trying to super glue little bits on the cannons.

    Yahoo!!! One cannon in place.......11 more to go

    Cannons are in place....hopefully they'll stay their for Cap'n Clutz

  12. 2whl added a post in a topic Zvezda Black Swan   

    I'm bringing a package of Saltines for you to eat on the way to DSC.....LOL
  13. 2whl added a post in a topic Zvezda Black Swan   

    That's Capt'n Clutz to you matey.....LOL The ship suffered minor damage but it was also repairable.

    Mike....that was just for photo purposes....it's tucked away safely now

    I added more details to the front and rear of the ship.

    I also added ropes to the gun doors on the closed side and installed them.

  14. 2whl added a post in a topic Zvezda Black Swan   

    John...no pretty pennys....a lot of dirty dollars

    Thanks JC....I 'm waiting for those 13" minilites

    Joe....you got that right

    Brad....AARGH....'avast ye landlubber !!...LOL

    Well....I'm finding out why I put this aside. There are 128 of these little pulleys which need to be cleaned up. And there are probably 40 more of another variety.

    I managed to knock the case and ship off of the coffee table and got a good chunk out of the case. But it's all good because the case dude was able to cut off 1 1/2 inches off of the bottom. Fortunately it still clears at the top.