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  1. It turns out I messed up checking the fit between a couple of parts. As you can see in the first picture below, the dash top interferes with the main body work. The interference caused the front of the main body to bow enough that the nose did not fit correctly. I should have caught it before I painted and decaled the dash. The good part is that it is fixable. In the second picture you can see where I have had to sand down the dash top. Once I was satisfied that the parts fit correctly, I painted the sanded area. Then I temporarily attached the radiator mount to make sure the nose cleared it. Everything is looking good now. 737
  2. Edgar, I scanned the instructions. If you want to use those also to help detail your build, go here
  3. I got all of the carbon fiber decals on the seat and cleared it. After installing it, it was time for the belts. MFH had the lap belt brkts on the p/e sheet, but didn't include them in the instructions. Fortunately, I discovered them while going through that p/e sheet and installed them. Since the side pods have been decaled and cleared, I added them. The dash will take awhile. Those parts are tiny and my eyesite isn't what it used to be. Not to mention I'm all thumbs....lol 606
  4. Thanks John. I just went through your Matra thread and I'm loving it
  5. John, I just went through the WIP, and I must say you are doing an outstanding job detailing this kit. Being an early Tamiya kit, it has rather crude detailing compared to today's kits. But you're bringing it up to current standards. I'm looking forward to your next update. If you have a Michael's nearby, take a stroll through their beading department. You can find all sorts of thin wires in various colors for reasonable prices.
  6. Thanks Chris That decal will be a problem.....lol Thanks David
  7. I jumped ahead in the steps to get the exhaust assembled. I figured it would be easier without a bunch of stuff on the engine Starting to add bits to the engine. I've also spent a bunch of time getting the carbon fiber decals laid down. The dash is going to be a challenge with all of the labels and switches. Belts are assembled and placed in the chassis. I'm just waiting to finish the decaling on the seat 496
  8. Step #2 is finished on the front end. And I got some color on the main drivetrain. 383
  9. Thank you Pierre Step number 1 is finished.
  10. I 've done some more checking on the fit of various sub-assemblies. The trans is secured to the undertray by a screw and I wanted to make sure that it was going to line up. So far everything is falling into place. Then I added the side pieces and main cockpit for a test fit. The doors made need a little more tweaking, but they look very close. 202
  11. I've learned that about MFH kits. You have to pre-assemble them to the very last step to make sure you've done everything you need to to before it gets assembled. I'll be following along since I have a 1/12th version of the 917 in my stash.
  12. I'm guessing that the completed model will be over 3 lbs. MFH provides little stand-offs in each kit to keep the suspension from sagging. Lee, I have the instructions scanned if you want to use them for more detail.
  13. Thanks Chris. Welcome aboard John. There will be plenty of updates. The only thing is I have a lot of projects on the go and like to jump around. So some updates might take a while. Andrew, I got out my digital scale and the white metal monoque you see weighed 10 ounces. The kit came with a beautiful set of black anodized wheels, so all I have to do is add valve stems and they will be complete. I C/A'ed the basic block resin pieces together and put the other parts on for a mock-up
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