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  1. I usually buy a cheap kit for the parts and do some kitbashing. Most of the time an unusual resin body or style I like will get fitted with styrene chassis and interior parts.
  2. My drive at this time is an inherited 1998 toyota corrolla, black with the luxury options. Great gas mileage with synthetic oil, EFI and small enough for those tight parking spaces. My other cars through the ages: 1964 Buick LeSabre station wagon with a 401 nailhead. Great for those sidewinding burnouts. 1959 VW bug with wide whites. 1970 VW bug with dual port heads, headers, 3/4 race cam and a Holley 2bbl. 1968 VW bus with 2300cc killer motor and a few tickets. 1972 Camaro 350/350 bhp, stock appearing. 1982 Scirocco with turbo Wolfsburg edition. 1970 Toyota longbed with dual sidedraft carbs and headers. Most of these cars I had no intention on buying so I fixed them up and sold them!
  3. I got a 1960 Chevy Sedan Delivery and a 1953 Ford Woodie Wagon at Nancy's Resin Lounge on Ebay. Sometimes she'll send you freebies if she thinks her deliveries are late. I'm looking for G scale figures for my next got.
  4. I found surfboards included in the 41 AMT Woody and 64 Marauder kits. Also, when Jada put out those VDUB diecast in 1/24 scale, each box included an extremely nice board. I found more from one of the vendors at the Rod and Custom Show in Portland but they're mine, sorry.
  5. What are the effects of Lexan paint when applied over other types of paint? Also, will Lexan paint mix with other paint mediums?
  6. Looking for those few builders from Maui during the 1970s. Also builders from Perrysburg, Ohio during the mid 1960s.
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