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  1. Super clean build. That radio looks stunning. Probably a little late, but a handheld spotlight on the seat would be appropriate...
  2. Terry, if you ever decied to part with that Nebraska car, you give me a shout...
  3. I saw one of these at the LHS the other day. I believe that it shares some of the same tool as the Force 440 from the mid seventies, hence the guns and such. See any similarities?
  4. I bought one of the PediPaws for my two dogs. Unfortunately, they can't stand it. However, all hope was not lost. I found it to be a very useful for rough sanding (burrs and such). It has a low enough speed that it is very easy control and I would suppose be safe for kids. I got it at Walgreens for under $20.
  5. Probably a wee bit of both. If I'm on the big road, it's usually set at 75, but it's nice to have more pedal to get out and around when I do need to pass..
  6. You wouldn't still have the sleeper from the Black Magic kit, would ya? If so, are you willing to part with it?
  7. Looks very similar to my current ride (2002 379) - back window and all. Course, mine has a little more chrome... I didn't think I'd like a flat top, but I really do. For one driver, it has all the room I will ever need. Plus it looks cool as hell. Only downfall is the mileage. I was getting 6.5mpg in my 387, now only getting 4.5mpg. Might also have something to do with a 550hp Caterpillar ungoverned motor...
  8. Least I could do. I saw you were from Merritt Island-I just moved back to NE from Palm Bay...
  9. 1973 911 color chart: Really nice site on late 60's-early 70's 911's here.
  10. I was dropping one of our trucks off at Detroit in Des Moines the other night and spotted this in the shop. I figured some might be interested.
  11. I won't openly bash on Werner, however, there are too many decision makers to have a smooth running company and no lines of communication. Cost cutting has affected them like anyone else and it shows. They are simply a company where drivers can get started in their careers and move on after a year, although I do know some drivers that have been there for a long time. All told, I am very happy with my change. Like I said, this was my second time around with them. I started in '99 and ran for about a year. Biggest problem was that I lived in Florida and couldn't get home. Since a move to the Omaha area, it seemed kinda natural to go back. I worked in driver placement for awhile over the winter and really began to question the thought process of the higher ups. Why train a driver for 8 to 10 weeks, then send him home for 30 days to wait for a truck. If none came available, they were considered a "voluntary quit." No fault of the driver, but the economy was what it was over the winter. When I spoke my mind and asked if that was the business plan Werner had in place, I was basically told to be quiet and do my job... Too many chiefs, not enough indians, and not near enough money trickling down to the ones that really make it.
  12. A slight stretch on the frame and that would be a nice old school wrecker...
  13. Hey gang- After my second attempt with Werner in ten years, I have finally realized where they set their priorities, and it isn't with the drivers. Anywho, I have been running on the Hy-Vee grocery account since May and finished up on Sept 7th (I was going to go back to running reefers to the east coast). The next day, I got a call from a small company out of Urbandale, Iowa wanting me to continue in Hy Vee. Better pay, a much nicer truck, and I only answer to ONE person... Gee, lemme think... Why hell yeah. Here are just a couple shots of my ride. It's a 1996 Pete 379EX with a 48" flat top sleeper. 3406E Cat mated to an 18 speed Eaton Fuller. Chrome and polish everywhere and 9" straight exhaust. I'll be in this one for another week or so and move into a newer truck with a bigger bunk (still flat top). I had the opportunity last week to haul one of the Hy-Vee/Kansas City Chiefs trailers down to KC to pick up the rally towels for the home opener on Saturday. I was able to park in the lot where the players park then drop the trailer by one of the parking area for advertising. I'm really considering stripping the 359 Werner truck...
  14. This pic should give you an idea of how we look at weights. These are the max weights allowed (in most states) without additional permits. The single drive unit you are describing would be allowed 17,000 on the drive axle. This is the weight of the trailer and of any cargo. If you really want to get detailed, you could research the curb weight of the vehicles being carried and work some guesstimations on the weight of the trailer.
  15. It's not the Low Rider that we are all familiar with from War used in the remake. If memory serves, it was played during the scenes with the Billy Cadillac in the original. Believe me, it is my least favorite track.
  16. For those interested, here is a set of links for the original soundtrack to the HB Haliki version: Low Rider Chariot Ride Gone in 60 Seconds I Do Hope The Man Don't Catch Me Big Town, Big City Lois Lane Blues I admit nothing, deny everything and demand proof.
  17. Didn't see orange, but try here. It comes one a roll that has various sizes, the thinest is kinda hard to work with.
  18. *BAM* Don't want you gettin' spoilt Buck... Nice looking ride!
  19. I just happened to see one of those in the Kansas City area the other day and had to smile. As for the gold, it's the Pactra Line Trim tape. I had bought it years ago for a Trans AM kit and it somehow multiplied into blue and black rolls as well... It's amazing what you find when you move.
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