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  1. HI , i am a french modeler and this is my parking diorama for the COE truck show
  2. I live in France and here are the last resin kits of my manufacture that are still available : FORD COE 1953, DODGE COE 1941 and DODGE COE 1952 I only have 1 or 2 copies of each if you are interested, thank you to contact me in MP
  3. yes my WIP ford the FORD 1952 COE crew cab cargo box "MOONEYES" is here i my fotki : http://public.fotki.com/customboy/my-coe-models/ford-coe-trucks/ford-1952-coe-crew-/ my WIP FORD 1938 COE hauler of DENNY OLSON http://public.fotki.com/customboy/my-coe-models/ford-coe-trucks/ford-1938-coe-hauler/ my WIP FORD 1938 pulling http://public.fotki.com/customboy/my-coe-models/ford-coe-trucks/ford-1938-pulling/ my WIP FORD 1941 COE camper hauler http://public.fotki.com/customboy/my-coe-models/ford-coe-trucks/ford-1941-coe-campe/ my WIP CHEVY 1939 COE panel phantom http://public.fotki.com/customboy/my-coe-models/chevy-coe-trucks/ford-36-coe-phantom/ Now to you to enjoy it
  4. The figures come from AMERICAN DIORAMA
  5. scratchbuilt in 2015 my WIP is here in my fotki http://public.fotki.com/customboy/dioramas-scale-125/warehouse-and-loadi/ and my coe trucks
  6. scratchbuilt in 2016 (my wip is here in my fotki) http://public.fotki.com/customboy/dioramas-scale-125/garage--j-coe-custom/ and my coe trucks
  7. very nice job !!!!!
  8. base resin Jimmy Flintstone my WIP is here in my fotki : http://public.fotki.com/customboy/my-coe-models/my-ih-coe-model-truck/ih-international-19/
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