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  1. Thank you, answer incomming soon!!
  2. Me too, I have some stuff from them and very happy with it.
  3. Ome of the most beautiful 32 sedans ever, IMHO. Looking forward to your scale version.
  4. I'd say S Green over silver. I like the brighter look of it.
  5. "Mix and mismatch" with an odly familiar outcome of which I yet can't tell what it is... I think I'm gonna try to 'think like Michael' to find this one.
  6. https://chromjuwelen.com/network/237-engineswapdepot-com/184521-lingenfelters-ls3-powered-vista-cruiser I like the way they incorporated the colors: wheels, interior, striping etc. I could even imagine the engine painted in gold (in this example).
  7. Nice engine and my vote is for the 2nd set of wheels too.
  8. Great project. Although a bit late, maybe this is good for inspiration: https://radrides.com/completed-builds/1932-ford-quadraduece/ http://classiccardb.com/ford/105129-1932-ford-summit-racing-quadradeuce-406-cuin-594hp-450-ft-lbs-torque-awd.html
  9. Well done Michell, I like the way you transformed the Stang! Maybe an advice for the next projects: most electric cars don't need a gear stick 😉
  10. What's not to like about this one? Great engine detail, good paint, excellent stance and wheels and that body, man, that's like it was always meant to be this way. Impressive build.
  11. I can imagine this one between the rails of of the Chevy!
  12. Some suggestions for the engine: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Resin-Twin-Turbo-Big-Block-Chevy-BBC-Engine-Motor-for-all-Kits-1-24-1-25/363260384440?hash=item54940194b8:g:RgcAAOSwoJVgAj~J https://www.ebay.com/itm/Resin-Cross-Ram-Intake-BBC-Big-Block-Crate-572-fits-Chevy-Kits-Engine-Swap-1-24/362955818104?hash=item5481da4478:g:HhQAAOSwem9egW0J https://www.ebay.com/itm/Resin-Chevy-LS-Cross-Ram-EFI-Stack-Motor-Engine-Swap-for-Model-Kits-1-24-1-25/393121926065?hash=item5b87e48bb1:g:AU4AAOSwFLRgHXS1 https://www.shapeways.com/product/R689P4GEY/ls3-lsx-1-25-nre-v2-w-intercooler?optionI
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