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  1. Thanks guys! I actually just noticed something i left off of the car. I had made some little side skirt pieces to put on last that would tie the front and back fender flares together and totally forgot about them. Ill have to make a couple more and stick them on.
  2. Thanks everyone for the comments. I posted that right before I went on vacation and forgot about it once I got back. Just remembered I had done it so I came on and checked it. Thanks again.
  3. Heres a project that I started about 10 yrs ago and I finally got motivated to finish it. It started as a stock AMT Mustang kit. I added fender flares from a Tamiya Supra race car, the front air dam part was all scratch built, molded in the rear roll pan and filled the whole back smooth as well as the coves in the sides of the car. The hood was stock that I molded in the tear drop scoop. The chassis is a modified nascar piece. Wheels and tires from an F1 car. Just need to get some small bolts for the wheels and it will be wrapped up. Hope you enjoy.
  4. I know in the front i had to cut some of the inner fender out to clear the tire to get it to sit down how i wanted it. I believe in the back, i just sat the bed on and mounted the axle as far up as i could.
  5. Wow! I am impressed. That is some might fine work you have done there. Do you have a WIP thread on it? I want to step up to this level but i havent been able to bring myself to cut up a body yet.
  6. @Impalow That Rivi is beautiful! I always enjoy seeing your builds. You sir are a craftsman. Your Gremlin build inspired my Merc gasser i built.
  7. Did you use just regular printer paper for the door panel and seat inserts?
  8. Welcome Stephen! Fellow NC'er here!
  9. The pins that go thru the hood, I made out of evergreen styrene. The clips on the wire, are rc car body clips. They were the smallest ones i could find.
  10. Well thank you. Heres a couple pics I took a while ago after I added a few things. Still need to get it outside and take some good pics.
  11. i sprayed it directly from the can. color and clear
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