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  1. Some awesome work areas.Since I started modeling I few months ago I was compelled to stock up on kits I may have 15 or so unbuit.I thought I ws obsessed,I notice I'm not alone . Man I see some guys have better stock then the hobby stores.Also I took a 2 week hiatus from building to convert my garage to a work area so here goes. I've always wanted a room to myself in our house anyway. At least I can decorate to my taste w/o hearing it from wifey I really feel the need for a spraybooth and I'm leaning towards a Pace Peacekeeper as my xmas gift,I drywalled over an old dryer vent which is stil on my outside wall so it will be a snap to hook-up.I'm grateful for what I have tho and have no problems working here.Thanks for looking.
  2. I dont like to waste space so I have a ride for every scenario: When I go out alone, 1992 Harley Sportster,unkown mileage When two of us go out, 04 Mustang GT 25,000 mies And when the whole fam rolls, 01 Ford Expedition 5.4 60,000 miles
  3. I hear ya it looks sweet as is.Its a good look.And a smooth paint job,nice work
  4. My first AMT kit,in the beginning I wasn't digging it .I guess just cause I was used to something else.Now that its complete, I like it and want another identical kit for a different look(T-tops).Had a good time doing this and this is one of those cars that I have always liked and wanted.On to the next one ,thanks for looking
  5. Sam, Alyn is right. Its a stang so it doesn't matter! But I do like the looks od that scoop on it. Have fun!!
  6. Really a mean looking ride Did the hood and wheels come with the kit? nice color what is it?
  7. I think speed would like it I darn sure do!
  8. Man that would drive me crazy,I wouldn't be able to sleep.I guess I have a touch of OCD! You have some sharp models there and your color choices are right on!Good Luck.
  9. Looking good! Are you going with the orange;black 2 tone? As I rerad the first post I thought that would be sharp. I also like the wheels you have.
  10. Nice bikes and detailedshop. The 1340?(Blue) is sharp. I haven't done any bike models yet. Seeing this shop I'm Definetly looking forward to it !
  11. They are on model express for $16. I wasn't that interested in them til now. Now I'm thinking if I want to keep modeling into my 60's(I'm 36 now,god willing) I should buyevery kit I can get my hands on and afford before there all gone. Better stock up on glues,paint,assesories.etc.
  12. As a rookie I suggest doing all your body work prior to painting.I keep making the mistake of painting body and bumpers seperately then glueing.
  13. Hey, they are looking out for our enviroment. All those wings and tails greatly increase gas mileage. And I'm sure those tail pipes decrease emissions.
  14. Thanks abell and terror. I guess I will use the ninja rims. Last night I finished up the interior so the wheels are next!
  15. Eeclo thanks for the tape tip. I was using the blue painters tape unsucessfully and your prob right with the flames maybe the grille and bumber will calm that green down for me!!!
  16. I really like your color choice. Its a beautiful car and wouldve been curbside,your motor work just adds to its beauty.This model has been added to the top of my want list. I will use yours as a blueprint and if my results are half as nice as yours I'll be happy.
  17. Aaron. I've seen the explorer but I will look for that expedition,thanks.
  18. Thanks I like that air cleaner on there.
  19. Your build looks excellent,(gonna be my screen saver) Is the motor out of the AMT kit?
  20. Your build looks excellent,(gonna be my screen saver) Is the motor out of the AMT kit?
  21. Not like you need to hear it but awesome paint by the way.
  22. I think if I was cruising down the highway today and I looked in my rearview and saw that grill I would be scared
  23. Iwoud like to see Ford Expedition 97-02,Lincoln Mark viii 93-98 or even a mark vii, and Oldsmobile Delta 88's 77-85 would be nice too.
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