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  1. Supra W.I.P.

    [quote name='Zukiholic' date='Sep 12 2009, 09:36 PM' post='209752' And what is the Do-Hickie left of the air cleaner?
  2. Fordebaker ready for the CKM NNL

    at first i was like why the exhaust coming out behind the rear tires but then i looked again and saw the block-off plates on the headers. looks very sharp, i really like those old hot rod pickups.
  3. '69 Camaro SS Convertible

    thanks, the color is just regular old gloss red spray paint from wal-mart. 96 cents a can if i remember correctly thanks, i didnt even think how how close it came out to that car. as for the grill, thats the grill that came in the kit. i'm working on '69 that i plan on doing a copo style.
  4. '69 Camaro SS Convertible

    finished this one a few years back and been in storage. i'm surprised its held up as good as it has.
  5. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Nilla wafers Monte Carlo

    i finished this up around 5 years ago. its been in storage since i moved out from my grandmother's from then until now. its by no means near the quality of all the nascars i've seen here so far. let me know what you think, i'm just getting back into the swing of things building again and enjoying it now more than ever.
  6. Bumble Bee Camaro

    i know exactly what you mean about the rustoleum primer. i had a 4th gen camaro ss primed up using the same stuff and i couldnt even get purple power to cut it, not even paint thinner would work. i eventually just used fine steel wool to sand it down to a smooth enough finish that i was happy with. IMO stay away from the rustoleum brand plastic primers and paints. other than that looks nice what you got going on so far. i got the same kit here and dont even know what i wanna do with it yet.
  7. '67 chevelle pro street

    Thanks Mike601!! finished this thing up tonight and will be posting pics tomorrow. hopefully it will be nice outside
  8. 68 Firebird WIP

    love the paint, probably start the same kit in the next couple weeks but with a little modern day touches. i cant stress enough how much i like that color, nice choice.
  9. '67 chevelle pro street

    still have some things left to do with this one but i'm getting closer. the first pic of the interior makes it look like its only half painted, still working on taking pictures to. tell me what you guys think, thanks.
  10. just want to introduce myself

    i hear ya on the mud bogs and offroad, i've been in and out of rc for about the last 16 years and also currently working on my 1.9 scale rig. i'm also a member on scale 4x4 to. i'm kinda partial to the american sports cars but if something has a awesome design then i'm instantly a fan of it.
  11. just want to introduce myself

    thanks guys, i look forward to showing off some of stuff and learning more things from everybody. appreciate the warm welcome.
  12. just want to introduce myself

    hey guys, my name is mitchell and just recently decided to get back into the model car building scene. i'll go ahead and tell all of you that i'll be asking questions as much as possible if i cant find it already explained on the forum here. i've built models off and on since i was about 8 or 9 and 26 now.also i'm in the process of building a couple kits just to get familiarized with everything again. i'd post pictures of some of my older stuff but they are in storage at my grandmother's house but rest assured they will be taken back out once i get back to visit her again. however i will be posting some pics of the 2 i'm working on now sometime tomorrow. so lookout for the AMT/ERTL USA-1 kit and the REVELL 67' CHEVELLE PRO STREET that i have in the works now.