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  1. Bought this stuff at a small model shows at one of canada's larger 1:1 shows.
  2. Well I finally finished this one. Bought the kit second and since it was the pro-modeler issue it had all the extra performance parts So I incorporated some of them into the build. I did a gloss/matte black contrast throughout the car, I think it gives it a pretty sinister look. Over all it was a good build but the chassis did have a slight warp in it and the hood doesn't sit flush. But other then that I'm pleased with the build.
  3. Thanks guys. Those are pe, they came in the kit. I bent up some exhaust and polished it. Looks a lot better then the kit part.
  4. A little bit more done on this one. Wheels and tires and also added the hood pins.
  5. Thanks guys. This is a great kit to build and it's going together great.
  6. Thanks! I wanted to break up all the black and since I decided to run with a flat tail stripe I decided to do the tops of the fenders and nose in flat kinda like the aar cuda. I wanted to keep the graphics theme in the mopar family and I never seen it done on a daytona before.
  7. Thanks guys! I got the motor done and the flat black sprayed. I'm really diggin this build now!
  8. Thanks guys. I got some work on the motor done and the body painted. I'm going to do the wing and tail stripe in satin black like originally planned but i'm also going to do the hood and the tops of the nose/fenders in satin too kinda like the aar cuda. I think it will be a nice subtle two tone while keeping it all in the mopar family. The body has quite a bit of orange peel but it should buff out nice.
  9. here's a whole s10 thread: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=38668&hl= and here's a few of mine. Monogram 93 s10 My 1:1, 99 sonoma 4.3 auto. Smokey caramel metallic paint, Bravada front bumper, ss street scene mirrors, 18in ridler 695's, De-badged and de-striped, cut bump stops, leather/power seat swap. Hoping to get the full zq8 suspension package on it here soon(front coils, leaf springs, shocks, and front/rear sway bars) and also tint the windows, clear headlights, smoked tails and a magnaflow exhaust. A pic from today: and the replica wip; Plus I have alot more 1st gens to build but lately I've been focusing on the 1:1.
  10. Well I picked up this pro-modeler Daytona not too long ago and I decided to build it as a mild custom. Right now I'm just doing some basic clean up and prep before paint. Plans are a gloss black body with a semigloss wing and tail stripe. I am unsure on the interior color as of yet. Maybe red or black but we shall see as the project progresses. I am using a lot of the optional racing parts in the pro-modeler issue but it will still be a street car when finished. On this build I have used plastikote primer for the first time and it is some very good stuff. I will defiantly use a lot more on future projects.
  11. Just picked these up from a local collector that is down sizing.
  12. Well I did some work on this thing, I'll have some more detailed pics up soon.
  13. Hey thanks everyone. This one is done and I'll post some finished pics soon.
  14. Just started this one since it's been sitting around awhile and I wanted a quick build. All box stock. chassis painted, needs some more weathering and detailing. grill and bumper detailed black washed wheels I left the interior in the molded gray and black washed it, I will dull coat it here soon. and some color on the cab/bed. Still needs clear. I'm not sure once the truck is painted should I use this tailgate sticker or not? I like a clean look but I kinda think the sticker will set the blue off, we'll see.
  15. Hey thanks everyone. It's was my first time actually weathering something like this and it was fun. It did help though there was a very similar truck at my work with the same plow setup and rust holes haha.
  16. Thanks everyone, I got the off white base coat on the shell, the doors/hood need some more work and then there next.
  17. I finished this one a couple of days ago. Pretty much box stock except for the added rust holes, roof light, stock air cleaner, and modified CB antenna. I also added some chain on the front of the plow. The missing turn single didn't come out as well as I wanted but overall it was a Pretty good build and I can't wait to build another as a nice truck. I also should have weathered the chain also but it was already glued on.
  18. Plus the truck pictured on the box is a 4x4 long bed, which is a pretty rare combo.
  19. Thanks guys! I got this one done so I hope to have some finished pics posted soon.
  20. Well I started to play around with the front end tonight after work. Looks like I got a solid plan on how I will do the front end. Still needs alot of work but I put some tape on the bumper and where the headlights will be once finished to give me an idea how everything will look in scale. The updates from now on will slow down but I had alot of free time this weekend and knocked out a bunch of work on this thing.
  21. Thanks guys. I'm building this as the way I want to finish the truck. The front end in the 94 isn't even close, I want this build to be as accurate as possible so I will scratch build everything that I need. The front actually shouldn't be too hard once I started thinking about it.
  22. Then I did some work to the ext cab window openings and took some more mock up pics since I was board. I also got corvette brakes all the way around since that is something I also want to do to the truck eventually.
  23. Hmmm I might have to look at the amt 04 I got laying around. Anyways we got hit hard today so I didn't have to work. So off to the model room I went! Found some seats that are similar to the '98 jimmy buckets I put in the 1:1. I will fill and re scribe the correct pattern. I took this pic during the swap, old seat on the left. more pics of the interior so far: Then I worked on the suspension, had to modify the front end so the wheels would tuck properly. I also lengthened the exhaust and removed the rear bump stops since I cut them off the 1:1 already.
  24. Well this is a just a quick build. Box stock except for the weathering and the chain on the plow. I'm building this one as a Canadian beater lol.
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