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  1. deucedoc added a post in a topic 32 Ford lowboy cabriolet   

    Really nice.So perfect in all the details,I like the stance ,the engine , the steering wheel .Way to go!
  2. deucedoc added a post in a topic Fiat Digger   

    VERY nice model ;everything looks right ,the paint ,the detailing .Give us more of the same!

  3. deucedoc added a post in a topic '32 Phantom 3 window pick-up   

    VERY nice!Great creativity!I look forward to seeing your future project!I do share your passion for Deuces ; two are on my workbench right now.
  4. deucedoc added a post in a topic -29 A Modified A; tribute to a real hot rodder   

    Thanks for the nice comments!
    To Janne;I think Dave Lukkari had ancestors/relations to Finland.Anyway greetings from Sweden!
  5. deucedoc added a topic in Under Glass   

    -29 A Modified A; tribute to a real hot rodder
    Somethis I se a real car that just begs to be copied in scale.
    That was the case when I read an article i Street Rodder Mag. a few years back about a -29 Modified ,owned and built by Dave Lukkari.Both the car and the owner where nicely portraited.The photos where not good enough to serve as a plan for copying in scale.
    A few years later ,another article in a Swedish magazine ,Wheels.Perfect photos! Now it had to be done!
    Starting with body and frame from AMT -29 Ford,Ardun engine from -50 Ford pick-up ,a lot from the parts-box and with some scratch-building on top ;voila! A decent copy of a great car1To bad I never had the chance to hear what Dave Lukkari himself would have thought of the model;I was sad to learn he passed away in dec 2010.
    But here it is ;a tribute to a real hot rod and a real hot rodder!

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  6. deucedoc added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    First try;Bantam altered

    This is my first try at posting pictures on the forum.The model is a mix of frame and body from a Revell kit plus engine from Tont Nancy´s dragster.Hope you enjoy it
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