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  1. John, your models have soul...as such they are more than mere models, they are truly works of art.
  2. Terrific job! From the pictures alone it looks absolutely stunning....I can only imagine what it must look like in person. I am curious as to what type of bottle you are using as a paint stand, it looks as if it were made just for that purpose.
  3. Very good looking pictures and models...I'm going to have to join up and come to a meeting once I come out of winter hibernation.
  4. Very beautiful work indeed! If it were mine I'd forego adding license plates and leave the '1968' visible as to maintain its vintage appeal.
  5. Wow...both are stunners! I love your BMF detail on the emblems....and the chrome steelies are a perfect fit!
  6. It's always nice to see old models restored ...you did a beautiful job on this one and the paint looks terrific!
  7. John, your builds are over the top...I can only sit back and gasp...
  8. Very, very impressive thus far...looking forward to more!
  9. This is true modeling as well as being too cool.....I remember that race well...and to think the actual blown tire was preserved....you captured it perfectly!
  10. That is a total stunner!!! Beautiful and creative work!
  11. I really feel for you guys getting all that snow, it becomes a daily physical battle merely attempting to conduct routine out-of-doors activity.
  12. I heard on CNN earlier today that folks in the Philly area that have a fairly good sized home have the equivalent of 30,000 lbs. of water on their roofs.
  13. Beautiful, precise work. You must have the hands of a surgeon!
  14. Looks like they were left parked in a bad neighborhood for a while...
  15. Crusader101

    1989 Regal

    Riders in Flint....that brings back memories, back in the '80's I was commuting daily for work from Dearborn to Flint...what a haul ...used to go in there almost every day during lunch hour for stress relief!
  16. murdered out Escalade....that's how the former mayor of Detroit referred to his GM donated, chauffeur-driven 'lade!
  17. Crusader101

    1989 Regal

    That really turned out nice....great attention to details and a very good looking set of rims.
  18. Very nice choice, beautiful car.... to me, an overall better looking car than the new Camaro.
  19. It looks outstanding! Beautiful build!!
  20. I saw it at a hobby shop just last week, up front in the 'new releases' area...may go back and pick one up, it was $20.99 I believe.
  21. An absolutely superb build...a real jewel. I picture Steve McQueen behind the wheel from the movie 'LeMans'. Thanks for sharing!
  22. Real nice looking build,,,nice detail,,,like the black n' tan color combination.
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