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  1. Looking back over the pics, it's no wonder you got a first place at the show! Great work! I just hope mine turns out half as nice as yours.
  2. Blowns10, I love what you've done so far and I'm happy to see I'm not the only one crazy enough to do this idea on a Ford. Here's a pic of my WIP: I stretched my stock kit sleeper to a 180 inch, mine is also a curbside, and my next will be closer to what you built, converting the stock kit sleeper was a pain in the blank! By the way, what did you make the Qualcom roof dish from? It looks so real!
  3. By the way, here's what that greasy beast lives in:
  4. I noticed there was a question mark on the Detroit Series 60, these motors are also DD Alpine Green, at least all the ones I sat behind were! The Kenworth Aussie is not the only kit Revell AG did not do their homework on either! The "Can Do" wrecker is grossly inaccurate. The kit has a Cummins, the real truck has a Cat 3406, I think. The rest of the truck is based on their Pete 359, and there is many differences between that and the 379! I think I've also seen one engine in resin everyone's forgot, the M11 Cummins (even though why would you want one) and these were painted black. The IH/Ford engine one of you mentioned, were you talking about the larger engines or the pickup engine? The 7.3 Liter in the Ford F350 at least in 1990 (like my 1:1 dually) is gray. I promise, there is gray somewhere under all the grease and grime, the motor is 20 years old!
  5. I stretched the frame on this Ford LTL 9000. I don't have very detailed pics, but I do have a few. The white area is, of course, where I stretched it. I cut the frame rails in half before putting in the crossmembers, measuring from both front and back to make sure the cut was in the same place on each side. I used a miter box to make sure my cut was square, then after the cut was made I glued the crossmembers in, again making sure everything was square. Then I used this C channel and square tubing to make the stretch piece (sorry this pic isn't the greatest): The C channel is just the right size to fit inside the Italeri frame, and I cut the square tubing in half lengthwise to give me the larger C channel I needed to match the frame. The smaller C channel runs from the last crossmember in the front half of the original frame to just in front of the first frame rail in the back half. Then I just glued the outer piece on the inner C channel. I hope this helps you some!
  6. I have always loved your work, Tim! The livestock trailer looks great with the aluminum you used. I'll have to pick some up for mine I'm working on. I used aluminum foil applied with craft glue on this 1:32 scale AMT reefer, but with the open sides on the livestock trailer, it won't work!
  7. Just as the title says, anyone from West Virginia. If so, where?
  8. You mean you didn't notice the hood and windshield of the white car he had the frame sitting on in the first couple pics!!
  9. Do you mind if I join in the fun. I started this for another build project last month, and I think the DAF needs some American competition! It is a 1980ish Ford LTL 9000 with Livestock trailer, and YES, there will be cows with it! This is what I have done so far: The custom sleeper is being rebuilt at the moment, it had a tragic accident with the side of the hutch on my desk!
  10. I like your work on the Internationals, they look very correct. I've driven one or two in my time! You work on just Internationals or do you do masters of other trucks as well. A Freightliner Classic XL Condo might be nice!!
  11. Amazing!! Ray, do you have any WIP pics of how you built the wing? I want to put one on my Ford LTL 9000 I'm currently working on. I think a wing like that would set this cattle hauler off!
  12. Thanks for all the kind words, and, no Brizio, there is no pool inside. I can't swim!! But maybe a hot tub for after the long days on the road!
  13. This is my current WIP: The sleeper was tragically destroyed in a mad modelling accident (I threw it against the hutch on my desk), but I'm in the process of rebuilding it. The stats on the stretch 180 inch scale sleeper, approxamately 345 inch scale wheelbase on the tractor, and total combo length of 70 scale feet.
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