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  1. '61 Ranchero (Old 60's Custom Rescue)

    So after I painted the car in February, as previously mentioned, some ghosting came through of previous bodywork, etc. I also noticed a few things I wasn't crazy about when it came to bodywork so I addressed all of those. Add to that how busy my summers are and well...now you know why I haven't updated this since February. Lol Anyways, I finally laid down some color yesterday that I'm happy with! Now onto foil and clear!
  2. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    Wicked cool thread! The talent of some of you is absolutely astounding!! Here's my contribution. A poorly customized '61 Ranchero. I tried to give the darn thing away at a club meeting and no one would step up. I almost threw it in the garbage and then thought it would be fun to show the guys what they missed out on. Lol Here's a link to the build thread if anybody is interested: Before: After being stripped: And how it looks now. It will hopefully be painted this month!
  3. 37 Ford coupe

    That's clean!
  4. Revell '29 Roadster, Late '50s Style

    I'm diggin' this!
  5. Good grief!! That is awesome!!
  6. 55 Sedan Delivery

    That's pretty!!
  7. Johan Restored 64 Polara

    WOW!!! NICE job on that!!
  8. #11 Darrell Waltrip '84 Monte Carlo WIP

    Thanks guys!!
  9. #11 Darrell Waltrip '84 Monte Carlo WIP

    Thank you!!
  10. #11 Darrell Waltrip '84 Monte Carlo WIP

    Ok, decals are on! Time for clear!
  11. #11 Darrell Waltrip '84 Monte Carlo WIP

    I went back and forth with myself on whether to do clear then decals or decals then clear. I understand that decals over clear is probably a little more authentic but after looking at a couple of 30+ year old builds at NNL West this month with cracking, separating, and flaking decals, I decided to bury these suckers in clear. I'd rather it hold itself together and look good for many years to come. So with that being said, I got started today.
  12. Traditional '40 Ford Coupe Custom

    Thank you! I'm still trying to digest the headlights. I can't tell if I love them or hate them. Lol
  13. Traditional '40 Ford Coupe Custom

    I moved onto the headlights tonight. The original builder glued the headlight surrounds directly to the fenders and then puttied them in. For a cleaner look, I made them smaller and then recessed them into the fenders.
  14. Traditional '40 Ford Coupe Custom

    Thank you guys!