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  1. #11 Darrell Waltrip '84 Monte Carlo WIP

    Thanks guys!!
  2. #11 Darrell Waltrip '84 Monte Carlo WIP

    Thank you!!
  3. #11 Darrell Waltrip '84 Monte Carlo WIP

    Ok, decals are on! Time for clear!
  4. #11 Darrell Waltrip '84 Monte Carlo WIP

    I went back and forth with myself on whether to do clear then decals or decals then clear. I understand that decals over clear is probably a little more authentic but after looking at a couple of 30+ year old builds at NNL West this month with cracking, separating, and flaking decals, I decided to bury these suckers in clear. I'd rather it hold itself together and look good for many years to come. So with that being said, I got started today.
  5. Traditional '40 Ford Coupe Custom

    Thank you! I'm still trying to digest the headlights. I can't tell if I love them or hate them. Lol
  6. Traditional '40 Ford Coupe Custom

    I moved onto the headlights tonight. The original builder glued the headlight surrounds directly to the fenders and then puttied them in. For a cleaner look, I made them smaller and then recessed them into the fenders.
  7. Traditional '40 Ford Coupe Custom

    Thank you guys!
  8. 1969 Dodge Superbee -- photobooth pics added

    That's awesome!!
  9. Bill Mitchell's Corvette Sting Ray

    Oh yeah!
  10. Monogram Little T

    Awesome! I love it!!
  11. Traditional '40 Ford Coupe Custom

    Well here it is all roughed in. Now comes the hard part...making it all look like it never happened. Lol
  12. Traditional '40 Ford Coupe Custom

    On a weekend getaway to Central Oregon for a little R&R (oh, and my son’s basketball tournament...lol), I brought along the ‘40 Ford to whittle on. In addition to wanting to lower the lid, I also wanted to improve upon the hardtop design a little. I was able to score a chopped 3-window top from the AMT ‘36 Ford Coupe to get the general shape I was after. Far from a slam dunk though. I wanted to retain the ‘40 windshield shape and the ‘36 roof is just a tad too narrow for the ‘40 body. So, much surgery is needed. This is what I had after about 3 hours. The ‘40 windshield frame was chopped about 3 1/2 scale inches and reattached.
  13. '61 Ranchero (Old 60's Custom Rescue)

    A little update...I had this thing in color but there was some ghosting that came through. It's all been fixed (hopefully) and should be sprayed again here soon. I'll post it up when that happens.
  14. '61 Ranchero (Old 60's Custom Rescue)

    See page 4.
  15. Traditional '40 Ford Coupe Custom

    That made me laugh out loud! Lol