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  1. Ooo La La!! I love that!!!
  2. I'll bet I looked at 20+ of these vans and never saw any stainless trim around the windshield! Lol. Oh well.
  3. Then it was time to move on to installing the glass. The windshield had tire burn in a couple of spots. I tried my best to polish it out but I wasn't getting the results I wanted. So I tossed it out and made my own using clear acetate. I'm actually happy I went this route as I feel it looks so much better than kit-supplied glass.
  4. There was no stainless trim around the windshield on these vans so I used BMF to mask off the window gasket and then painted it flat black.
  5. Then after tinting them, they were installed. MUCH better look!
  6. I trimmed all of the mounting flange away so that they mounted flush in the opening.
  7. Next up was to deal with the porthole windows. These were designed to mount from the outside just how you see here. There was no way that was going to fly so I went to work.
  8. Because this engine will NEVER been seen anyways, I did not do a full detail of it with wires, etc. Even as it is, I probably spent more time detail painting it than I should have but eh, whaddya do? Lol
  9. I'm finally getting back to this! I intend on having it wrapped up in the next couple of weeks hopefully. So I wanted the engine to represent a stock, no frills 318 so there was some dechroming that needed to happen.
  10. I originally built this car as a 4th grader in 1986 and did a pretty good job (IMHO...Lol). When I got back into model building as an adult, I decided to redo it. I originally had painted it pink but I wanted to take it red the next go around. After the pink was removed and I got it in primer, I happened across a photo in an old issue of Hot Rod magazine and there was a primered '37 Chevy Coupe gasser in there and the project took a whole different path. So not only is this the model that has been in my possession the longest, it's also my oldest surviving build as it was the first one I completed when I returned to the hobby almost 20 years ago now.
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