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  1. Now there's something you don't see everyday. Very sharp!!
  2. I ended up using 3 different wheels for 3 different tests. This picture doesn't do much justice but you can see the color comparison. The dullcote seemed to attack the chrome and up close it looks cloudy and you can see some small cracking but it's the wheel on the left. The wheel in the center was done with Tamiya Silver Leaf and it's probably my favorite. The one on the right was done with the Aluminum Plate Metalizer and then clear-coated. It would look awesome for older Magnesium wheels like on a gasser but I think may be a touch too dark for the look I'm after. Opinions please!!
  3. Just got back from the LHS. I've got 2 test wheels. I'm headed out to the garage now. I will try both methods mentioned and will post the results. Wish me luck.
  4. I'm not so worried about the money part. I just want them to look right. I'll go pick some up today and I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you!!
  5. You think that would work better than spraying them silver or something? Do you have any pics of some wheels you've done the Dull Cote treatment to?
  6. These are the wheels I'm working with. I just got them back from being rechromed and then I find out that the guy I'm building the car for want's this other finish. Please help!
  7. I need to know how to duplicate this clear coated, machined aluminum wheel. Here is a pic.
  8. So I got a new problem. Lol. I just spent money having these things rechromed and I just found out from him that he was wanting a more brushed aluminum looking wheel. Not a chrome look or a polished aluminum look. What's the best way to duplicate the look of a clear-coated machined or brushed aluminum wheel?
  9. What's a good way to tone these down? I was thinking that they should look more like a polished aluminum, not chrome. Any ideas?
  10. Nice work on the jambs! Sweet lookin' car.
  11. ...And we have some rolling stock. Remember, this buddy of mine was pretty specific on what he wanted his car to look like when it was done, including the wheels. He said that he wanted the old Centerline solids and these seem to fit the bill. A short trip through the ol' parts box and I came up with these. They were in pretty sad shape so I sent them out to Chrometech USA and had them rechromed. Now they're ready to go!
  12. I love me a good Chevy W-engine in a Ford! Here's my '33 Ford Tudor Sedan.
  13. I'm a VW freak too. Nice work. I need to go pick one of these up.
  14. I haven't tried weathering yet (although I want to). Yours came out perfect! Nice work!!
  15. WOW! I just saw your Merc too!
  16. Hands down one of the best flame jobs I've seen!! That car is gorgeous! I LOVE this car!! Awesome!
  17. I've been going back and forth on what to do about the hood. Someone on here showed me how to convert it and he made it look pretty easy but I think I might have a line on a resin one which will be a lot easier! He's a good buddy of mine who does everything for everyone else. He will love this thing! (If it turns out! )
  18. That's cool. I've been planning to do the same thing with a '62 I have. More along the lines of a project car than a parts car though.
  19. How funny. I've never even heard of that movie.
  20. The engine is painted and we're starting to get 'er wired up.
  21. And here's where we are as far as tonight... Got some body work done.
  22. I was able to get the interior finished up for him last time before I lost my drive again so here's what it looks like. The closest bench seat I could find was from an AMT '70 Impala kit. The pattern on the seat is a little different from the back seat but this car will never see a competition so I figured this was close enough. It's got the right headrests so it'll work! Oh-and he'll be using a small block and a 4 speed in his car. I was even able to find the same steering wheel!
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