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  1. Flo added a post in a topic Dean's Hobby Stop Moving   

    Thanks for the update Chuck.... and the new address...I will have to change it in my GPS...Owosso is closer to me...in Holt...I would hate to drive to Flushing again think.... Dean's was around here somewhere....lol

  2. Flo added a post in a topic Speakers   

    Hi Mikey,
    Go to the Tips, Tricks and Tutorials and you will find a tutorial for making "realistic speakers" posted by Fastback. They are apears to be 6x9 scratch built for the rear parcel tray, shelf...back window area...they look great...

  3. Flo added a post in a topic New model car kit store - Southeast Michigan   

    I found ModelCave on Facebook....doing a web search....


    Luckily I live an hour away..in Spartan Country..so I will have to drive down to visit as I do not have Facebook and refuse to use Facebook....Hope this works out for those who do....
  4. Flo added a post in a topic Paint Strippers - What to Use?   

    Easy-Off comes in a "Fume Free"
    ..Lemony scent
  5. Flo added a post in a topic Yenko Sc CHEVETTE   

    I kinda laughed when I saw the Chevette...someone did a Chevette???..lol It's a great job done on it...only missing one thing....carpet hanging down from the driver side floorboard...lol.....good job!
  6. Flo added a post in a topic This is crazy!   

    Did you seal your decal sheet after you printed it? Testors makes a decal bonder spray that seals the ink of the decals on the paper after printing from an inkjet printer. You can get it at Hobby Lobby and most hobby shops that sell Testors decal paper and printing software.