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  1. no release dates yet, we have a long way to go before any finished product is on a boat. Tooling hasn't even started yet -the good news is that most of the content for both cars is already tooled - mechanicals are same as Plymouth kits... I wouldn't expect first kits to arrive before 4th quarter of this year maybe later if container shortages persist ... and, above all, I make no promises or guarantees! Over 25 plus years of doing this, I have seen how often production schedules end up in the dumper!
  2. 1972 Coronet and Keyser, thanks for the tutorial on California Black plates. I hope to be able to use that info when planning license plate decals for the super stock version of these kits! Car on box art MIGHT be bright red and sitting in front of a rickety old garage!
  3. Here's a real 65 sedan angle of photos is not quite same as the photo of our mockup bur the slope of hood and deck lid are pretty easily seen here - our body follows this shape.
  4. I know the decal choice for Model King's AWB car, but that's not for me to reveal here, it is one of the six original Dodges ... As for the Sedan - I have no idea! we haven't gotten that far yet. I keep hearing Jan and Dean's "Little Old Lady from Pasadena" in my memory! "Parked in a rickety old garage is a brand new shiny super stock Dodge" I'd like to know if there's a way to nail down California Black Plate numbers for Pasadena in 1965?
  5. Backup lights - optional - a little dab of white paint- on each tail light housing and - presto - instant backup lights. If you look REAL close the backup light lenses are actually represented.
  6. Will have new correct Dodge Dash and steering wheel.
  7. Here are a few photos of the two mock ups for the new Dodge kits. These are 3D grown mock up bodies on existing chassis from previous Plymouth kits. Other than some minor revisions, what you see here is pretty nearly ready for tooling to begin.
  8. The sedan is based on the Plymouth - it shares the interior which is essentially the Super Stock interior... the Dodge kit will essentially be same mechanically as the California Flash S/S kit..Other versions of the Sedan could be done later, but this kit is basically an A990 Hemi Sedan... A max wedge car like the Plymouth Belvedere is another possibility in the future - a bone-stock, bench seat - grandma's grocery getter not as likely, anytime real soon, as that requires an entirely new interior...Same problem with the Plymouth Belvedere as the bone stock interior really would have to be developed to make that oe into a factory stock version.
  9. Stock hard top not currently in development, not as easy to do as the race cars - they have same interior as corresponding Plymouths only need to do a dash and steering wheel for the Dodge - the stock hardtop is a complete interior - more parts, more cost.. with the PL kit redilly available, we decided to hold off on the hardtop it wouldn't be out of the question in the future, just not in development at this time...
  10. The Sedan will have an 8 3/4 rear end, same as Plymouth Satelite and Belvedere. The AWB car will have the Dana, as the real car we're doing has that rear end in it, also, I just checked my reference photos of the Lee Smith AWB Plymouth (the original car in the Mosley collection) That car has a Dana in it!
  11. Just found photos of Tailights without backup lights. The way taillights will be done in this kit - like Plymouths chromed part with red to be painted clear red - this may mean that there is not enough difference between taillight with backups and taillight without to make two different sets of parts simple difference would involve painting backup lenses white or not... I need to study this a bit. as for the Chrysler 8 3/4 rear end, I'll see if I can find good references this is not any guarantee that I can add it to the new kit but I'll try to get that done.
  12. This will esentially be an S/S Hemi sedan with S/S exhaust - S/S hood etc. All details of final content of kit box are not set in stone at this date. Thought is basically to do an A-990 car.. but to include stock wheels and poverty hubcaps, maybe some streeet tires... Let the builder do a street version or a race car? We're still working out a few details on that.. Dave
  13. Also under development at Moebius Models is a 1965 Dodge Hemi Sedan. This will be similar to our 65 Plymouth Super Stock Sedan and will share mechanicals with that kit. Please note that the chassis seen here is not exactly as will be seen in the final kit. The final kit will have S/S Hemi underpinnings.. Here are some 3D images of the Dodge.. s with the forthcoming AWB car this only exists in 3Ds at this tiem. I anticipate mockups after Chinese New Year ends (Feb11) Kits on shelves later this year..Maybe sometim this summer?? No promises at this date Thanks, Dave too early to set that date!
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