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  1. Dave Metzner added a post in a topic Seen in the Mobeius booth at NNL East   

    I'm wondering if the Golden Commandos car wasn't Turbine Bronze Poly over that white base - Photos I have of the existing car look like that would be pretty close!

  2. Dave Metzner added a post in a topic Moebius '65 Mercury Comet Cyclone news   

    If there were photos of the other side 0f the model you'd see the Cragar wheels that were offered from Mercury for that car.. The wheels in the photo are not wheels on the real car they were wheel covers - just as Art just posted..
  3. Dave Metzner added a post in a topic Seen in the Mobeius booth at NNL East   

    No details, yet, they're test shots. We don't have a specific car in mind yet, we don't have a release date yet. Decals on Steve's finished car are mix of Melrose Missile SS kit test sets and after market. No arrangements made for ANY specific car at this date. We are doing A990 sedans before this kit and they're not likely to arrive before end of this year. I'd say this can't get done until something like a year from now.
  4. Dave Metzner added a post in a topic Moebius Models - kit parts   

    Hi Bob, I don't know much about the tires... I just do product development here, I don't see anything that's going on in Florida at our warehouse..
    I suspect that those tires were extra sets that were packed with a shipment of kits and subsequently sold to one or another of our distributors.. 
    I have no way to know if they'll be available again.. HOWEVER I will pass on the fact that we might be able to seell more of them if we can get them..
  5. Dave Metzner added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Moebius Models - kit parts
    Every so-often I get a message or an e-mail asking for Moebius kit parts.
    If I have parts, I try to be helpful, HOWEVER, I do not keep a stock of kit parts here. I am the product development guy, I work from home in Indiana, not at the company headquarters in Florida.
    If you have a defective kit, if parts are missing, the best way to get help is to contact our customer service department at customerservice@moebiusmodels.com
    That puts you in touch with the guys in Florida who do have a warehouse full of kits and plenty of replacement parts.
    Thanks for your support.
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  6. Dave Metzner added a post in a topic Moebius '65 Mercury Comet Cyclone news   

    Yep It's Olive Mist. thanks to Bob's paints for the paint..  I just finished Bare metal foil... plenty of details to foil - but not the worst I've had to do. Some minor fit issues seem to show up when I actually get one all painted and do the final assembly...
    I'll be sending a few notes and photos to the factory to clean up a couple minor items,,,
    Kit will have both sets of wheels. Flat hood only on street car...
    This is a second test shot, when it's done it should work just fine for box side and instruction sheet photos..
    Did some digging the other day for engine colors - seems that Cyclone's 289 4V  had black block, heads and intake with silver or chrome valve covers and air-cleaner. Caliente 2V motor has yellow valve covers and air-cleaner..
    Need to finish the engine, shoot some photos for instruction sheet and get this thing wrapped up

  7. Dave Metzner added a post in a topic `65 Plymouth Hemi Super Stock "Melrose Missile"-Moebius/Model King   

    The Melrose Missile kit is a Hemi car - with the Factory Hemi headers.
    The Belvedere kit has the Max wedge exhaust manifolds, intake and exhaust system with cut-outs..here's a photo of the Belvedere built-up. and the underside of the Melrose Missile built-up as well
    These are both test shots extra holes on Melrose Missile floor will not be present in actual production kit.

  8. Dave Metzner added a post in a topic Moebius '65 Mercury Comet Cyclone news   

    Ok , here's a couple quick shots of a second test shot.... This is one that I'm whacking together for photos - probably going to be on the box somewhere..paint is pretty much done - bare-metal, next..
    Once it starts looking a bit more like a car, I'll post some more photos..
    Regarding schedule, the factory is just getting back from the Chinese New year holiday shut-down.. we're waiting for another round of test shots - probably won't see them for a minimum of 30 days.. If they get everything right then we can schedule production..
    I'd like to think we could get kits on the water before 1st of May.. let's see how the next batch of test shots look then I'll know better, just when to expect finished product!

  9. Dave Metzner added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Moebius 61 Ventura exhaust system locator holes
    It has come to my attention that the locator holes in the floor for the exhaust system of our 1961 Pontiac Ventura are flashed over. They are not supposed to be! the factory was instructed that those six holes were to be open for the street car versions of that car!  They were open on the last test shot I had so here I sat fat, dumb and happy, secure in the knowledge that the production kit would be just like the 3rd test shot with six nice open locator holes for the exhaust pipes.
     I only get production samples after we have them in the warehouse and usually just stick them on a shelf.. Imagine my surprise when I opened my production kit and found that the locator holes for the exhaust system are all flashed over!
    SO! please beware that the locator holes are there - BUT you're going to need to open them up to hang the exhaust pipes.
    Yes I just sent a very nasty e-mail to my guy at the factory, yes I'll get an apology from him because they screwed up, and no that doesn't make me any happier and it doesn't really excuse the "mistake"  
    Sorry for the screw-up!

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  10. Dave Metzner added a post in a topic Moebius 65 Belvedere I   

    no bench seat.
  11. Dave Metzner added a post in a topic Moebius 65 Belvedere I   

    Comet, probably summer 2016
  12. Dave Metzner added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Moebius 65 Belvedere I
    The second Moebius '65 Plymouth - a Belvedere I sedan will be on the boat with our new Batmobile - should leave around the end of January. This is a 2 door sedan with a 426 wedge - it's a 4 speed car and includes parts to build a Max Wedge engine. tires are new street radials with a pair of drag radials as well - the kit also includes both steel wheels and dog-dish hub caps as well as a set of mag wheels.
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  13. Dave Metzner added a post in a topic Moebius '65 Mercury Comet Cyclone news   

    Second test shots are here - most revisions have been made - still several items to be fixed - 3rd test shots will probably be 45 days out, as we have Chinese new year in February that will result in about a 2 week shut-down..
  14. Dave Metzner added a post in a topic Yet another Batmobile   

    Kit is done - packaging is done - everything is in production - hope to have it on a boat before Chinese new year - should be here in February or early March..
  15. Dave Metzner added a post in a topic NEW! An advance and detailed look at the final production version of the new Moebius Models 1961 Pontiac Ventura kit....   

    Ventura interior is different from Catalina both in pattern and material used. Ventura is all vinyl - Catalina is mostly cloth with vinyl trim only. Door panel pattern is different too. There are lots oif photos out there showing Catalina restorations with Venture interiors - these are probably wrong.. I don't think that the Ventura interior was available as an option on Catalina. Exterior trim is different - side cove  molding - and lettering across panel under trunk lid opening are different.
    Convertible was only available as a Catalina never as Ventura -I'm pretty sure that convertibles did have vinyl interior seating surfaces..