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  1. I would recommend Auslowe as well- Auslowe Shop
  2. It is like watching a mystery unfold. I can't wait to see what happens next!
  3. Thanks Tony, I forgot how hard yellow is to cover. I was going to repaint it, but this was my first truck in fifteen years and I wanted to have "fun" with the build.
  4. Thank you! I look forward to seeing your truck "unfold"
  5. Tim, What do you use to outline the door trim? Is that paint or foil?
  6. You are raising the stakes! Your build is looking good! You got me thinking about opening the doors! My Build
  7. I am building the kit per Auslowe's instruction. The large battery box is on the left side, none on the right. I am going to put a large equipment locker behind the cab with details installed, torches, tools, etc.
  8. I was mocking it up last night and the square tanks look great.
  9. I am thinking an Australian version. I am thinking all white.
  10. I am thinking of mating this With What do you guys think?
  11. Excellent work. Sergey, you have raised the bar! Truly impressive!
  12. Thank you. Your truck looks great. After spending 22 years on my Autocar the KW is a nice build. You did a great job on the fender cut lines!
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