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  1. I know!, it's been quite awhile since I've worked on it. I do have the side panels and bed/frame in mold. The tail gate, cab cover and other parts are on the bench.
  2. Thanks Nick, like you I did some back in the 70's but haven't done one since. Maybe one day I'll find some time to take on one.
  3. Thank you Brian, your wheels and tires are on they're way.
  4. We now have 20" x 40" tires available for the 5 hole 5 lug and 6 hole 6 lug dually sets. These work well for the 2 ton+ trucks...
  5. For those who are interested we have a couple new items to offer... 1/25 scale 24.5" 5 spoke and 6 spoke wheels with Continental tires.
  6. There is a slight difference. For example, the super single and the front float are both 1.70" in diameter. That is 42.5" in 1/25 scale. That same tire in 1/24 is 40.8". Another way to look at it is a 42.5" tire in 1/25 is 1.70" and a 42.5" tire in 1/24 is 1.76". It depends on the application how noticeable the difference would be.
  7. We also have Super Singles and front floats....https://scenesunltd.com/collections/big-rig-dually-items/products/w46, https://scenesunltd.com/collections/big-rig-dually-items/products/w50-1-25-22-5-float
  8. A couple of new items coming this Friday. 22.5 x 12.5 10 hole wheel with 42.5T x 17.5W Bridgestone float tire. For the 1 ton+ trucks a 17.5 x 5.5 6 hole 6 lug dually set with 31.5 tires. Info and pricing will be available on our web site.
  9. Thanks guys, appreciate the comments. As for the 6 hole 6 lugs the 17.5" are being prepped for mold and the 20" will follow.
  10. Also have these new wheels and tires available now....22.5 Super Singles and 22.5 2 hole wheels and tires. I'll post pics in the resin section.
  11. Got these wheels and tires coming in about a week or so......they'll have drum style wheel backs with front and rear hubs..
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