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  1. Hey Jeff, the Hi-Miler tire I do have available is the pickup kit tire I did quite awhile back after several requests. The tire I believe you're referring to and the one we talked about is the one pictured here....after some research I couldn't find any Goodyear reference photos or information that Goodyear did this tire. I did however find that General Tire did one. I have the master made just haven't got it into mold yet.
  2. I know!, it's been quite awhile since I've worked on it. I do have the side panels and bed/frame in mold. The tail gate, cab cover and other parts are on the bench.
  3. Thanks Nick, like you I did some back in the 70's but haven't done one since. Maybe one day I'll find some time to take on one.
  4. We now have 20" x 40" tires available for the 5 hole 5 lug and 6 hole 6 lug dually sets. These work well for the 2 ton+ trucks...
  5. For those who are interested we have a couple new items to offer... 1/25 scale 24.5" 5 spoke and 6 spoke wheels with Continental tires.
  6. There is a slight difference. For example, the super single and the front float are both 1.70" in diameter. That is 42.5" in 1/25 scale. That same tire in 1/24 is 40.8". Another way to look at it is a 42.5" tire in 1/25 is 1.70" and a 42.5" tire in 1/24 is 1.76". It depends on the application how noticeable the difference would be.
  7. We also have Super Singles and front floats....https://scenesunltd.com/collections/big-rig-dually-items/products/w46, https://scenesunltd.com/collections/big-rig-dually-items/products/w50-1-25-22-5-float
  8. A couple of new items coming this Friday. 22.5 x 12.5 10 hole wheel with 42.5T x 17.5W Bridgestone float tire. For the 1 ton+ trucks a 17.5 x 5.5 6 hole 6 lug dually set with 31.5 tires. Info and pricing will be available on our web site.
  9. Thanks guys, appreciate the comments. As for the 6 hole 6 lugs the 17.5" are being prepped for mold and the 20" will follow.
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