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  1. Customman added a post in a topic 1963 Chevy Impala, AMT promo   

    Oh Yeah, very nice looking. I had a 1:1 '63 Impala convert, flashback city !
  2. Customman added a post in a topic 1957 Chevy Belair convertible   

    Nice job Jim, sharp looking car!
  3. Customman added a post in a topic Clear body kits   

    The original issue AMT '68 Shelby Mustang also had a clear hood, it had the Highrise / Teardrop molded into it.
  4. Customman added a post in a topic 1977 Ford 4x4 pickup   

    Excellent job, really looks good !
  5. Customman added a post in a topic 1976 El Camino SS   

    Excellent work, way to go! I agree with cutting the width of the header and setting the bumper edge back closer to the edges of the front fenders. That's the first thing that caught my eye when I looked at it the pic's. Other than that it really looks good.
  6. Customman added a post in a topic Will GM's problems ever end?   

    Wow, what a conversion you guys got going.

    I also worked for General Motors in the past, I quit froze my pension and sold cars for the rest of my working career, pretty much all GM dealerships of course, I also did do 5 years with Chrysler. Hey I thought highly of Chrysler, Ford, and the now defunct American Motors also, they all made some great cars. In my opinion GM was the Greatest Corporation to ever grace this planet and the largest for many years. I don't believe anyone will ever be able to come near what they've accomplished. I learned a lot from them through the years, I think they were the most professional ever in the car business.

    It truly saddens me to see the jackpot there in now, I just can't believe how there management could run this Mighty Corporation into the dirt the way they did.

    You know they really stooped pretty low to go to the white house cut a deal and sell out with Obuma and form the new "Government Motors", Cash For Clunkers, Oh Man and the stock holders that got screwed, I don't want to get started. And they put the Berra lady in the CEO position to purposely soften the blow for the corporation from the heat there going to receive.

    You know it sounds like to me they really aren't as car oriented as they used to be, it was there main stay, I heard they wanted to be more into the banking business.

    If this how there going to operate "with a crutch" and "being unprofessional", ( there probably wanting another bailout ) THEN THEY SHOULD GO OUT OF BUSINESS !!! 'cause it's sure as hell not the General Motors I once knew !
  7. Customman added a post in a topic 40 Ford F40 Custom   

    Fine looking custom, excellent bodywork and paint !
  8. Customman added a post in a topic Super Stock Dodges   

    Nice work ! They do look like real cars. A friend of mine had a black '65 Max Wedge 4 speed car back in the day just like yours.
  9. Customman added a post in a topic Story of the week AMT   

    Way to go Greg, that's some great history, really enjoyed it.

    6 months and 50 Grand = 18 million units a year. Yeah man, that's the kind of numbers I'd enjoy seeing. What a return !!!
  10. Customman added a post in a topic Yep, total evolution   

    Looks like he almost had to tilt the front end if he wanted to raise the body to work on the engine. Greg you can sure find some interesting stuff. Man that's out there. lol
  11. Customman added a post in a topic "Our ride starts when yours ends"   

    Nice looking hearse. The engine and interior really look sharp.
  12. Customman added a post in a topic '58 Roadmaster   

    Nice looking period piece. It's going to be a knockout when it's done.
  13. Customman added a post in a topic CHEETAH   

    JC, Andy, & Mike

    Oh yeah I had to keep it short when I wrote that PM because of space. Yepper, the weight and distribution of the 427 plus the fact of too much power and the traction. It definitely had it's problems. Oh yes, Mike and the "Liver regenerating itself". lol I wanted to type something on the ride, It wasn't as bad as some of the hard tail choppers I built but it was rough. Although it wasn't a street car it was made for racing.
  14. Customman added a post in a topic CHEETAH   

    I Love them! Totally Awesome! What a race design, looked like it was screamin standing still. It just possessed everything good looks, arrogant, Smooth rolling lines.

    I worked for GM years back, I had a Superintendent that was personal friends with Zora, I used hear some good stuff on occasions. One thing he did tell me on the Cheetah was (and it might have been mentioned before but I've never read it) was the cockpit heat was so intense that it would melt the soles of the drivers shoes and make the foot pedals sticky for the drivers. Now that's a hell of a thing to have to keep in the back of your mind while your wrestling with that monster and super powerful it was.

    I think if they were able to work the bugs out, the frame flexing, and the intense heat in the cockpit, and anything else they could have resolved the problems, they would have hammered the Shelby Cobras. I had a very good friend that owned a 427 Cobra God bless him he was a good guy. His dad owned a foreign car dealership and Tommy hounded him until he bought him a Cobra, and he paid his dad back. His dad told us later he really didn't want to buy it he was afraid he'd get killed or hurt in it. I rode in it, it was a wild ride. it was a 427" had the mag wheels, road pipes ,amber headlights, a plaque rivited on the dash that said "Not Recommended For Street Use". And at that time the one thing that I've only seen on his car was a Lift-Off Hardtop and it was aluminum like the rest of the car. I loved that Cobra, but let me tell you it didn't handle well either, I think it's all about torque, I'd watch him crack the throttle at different levels and the car would go crazy and he would be fighting hard to straight line it. At times we would go to other hot car areas and race, everybody wanted a piece of the infamous Cobra, we would watch out for one another and be (lookouts for the cops). You could tell how unstable the car really was if you would just keep your eyes on the amber headlights you would see them bouncing all over the place, you knew he was putting it in the wood. And that bad boy would get hot big time too.

    I think the whole problem with the Cheetah was Chevrolet pulling the plug on it, or it would have been everyone's favorite car.

    Greg I agree with you if someone would produce a kit of it I think it would sell some good numbers. I have the Cox kit it's not bad for a curbside kit the proportions on the body look right on.
  15. Customman added a post in a topic Resin Kustom 49 Merc   

    Oh yeah excellent work ! Nice clean execution, you made working with resin look so easy. Old Scool !