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  1. I never said that urathane is not toxic, i said that any clear like that is toxic, and some might be more toxic than others. And it must have been my puctuation and spelling that made you miss the part right before that quote where i said "nor do i use urathane" so i clearly beyond all doubt DON'T use urathane. Now, the thing idont understand is why, obviously you and other people, keep thinking that i said urathane is not toxic BECAUSE I DIDN'T i said they all are toxic, several times now actually. By the way i do know how to spell, but i was in a hurry and was typeing fast and i cant use spell check on this stupid thing, so come on you really dont have to mention my typos what 3 times? Thats something you do when you are trying to insult someone. and please dont say your my friend, i dont know you and this is the first time i have said anything to you. It doesnt mean i wouldnt want to know you but come on
  2. wow seems pretty simple, thanks for the help
  3. i really like that. the only thing i would have changed is the wheels, just not a fan but the work you did looks awsome!
  4. i want to buld a diorama of a 50's diner of some kind and i was wondering if anyone might know how to make bar stools, thats seems to be the only thing i van figure out so far. any help is appreciated
  5. i havent ignored it i know its dangourous but my pint is so are hobby paints, it ALL depends on ventalation. but people who say urathane isnt worth the shine it gives you i agree with, its not great, i just painted a car black and no clear or anything its as shiney as some urathane jobs ive seen
  6. that is really cool, i noticed the key in the ignition, how did you do that?
  7. i love how everyone just sees the comparisons in my comments and nothing else WHEN YOUR PAINTING A MODEL ITS ALL DANGOROUS go clear a car with testors rattle cans without a respitatoe and see how you feel after that. IT IS ALL DANGOROUS so yeah useing urathane isnt worth the shine, because it is thinck and burries detail.
  8. ok your right, bad comparison, so lets only let professionals handle beer and cigarets they are just as dangorous if not worse, yet it is completly legal. i dont paint in the house anyways nor do i use urathane clear but im always outside and being carefull (painting away from the wind, and when it starts smelling strong i stop until it goes away) so i dont have a problem, i could see wearing a suit and resperator and other safety equipment in a enclosed container (paint booth) panting a 1:1 car with it but outside with a model its no more dangorous or deadly and toxic then clear out of a spray can.
  9. yeah and same goes for cars and bicycles and heck friken pencils, but lets only let professionals handle pencils because someone could get stabbed in the eye and go blind, come on dude get real
  10. that wasnt my point though, i never said caked on clear, i have seen amazing models with shiney paint jobs that look s rich yet arent cakes with clear, i dont think that anybody builds wrong yet some people her are makeing it sou like "if you dont make it real then you building it wrong" no if you are haveing fun and you are pleased with how your model looks your doing it right and thats all that matters
  11. i like the plymouth and the fairlane the most but they are all really good, whats the one with the "bubble" top?
  12. the whole idea of the hobby is to have fun, if you build models and your not haveing fun then your doing it wrong, i dont care how good your models look. the only thing that matters is that the model looks how the person who built it want it to look. i see exact replicas of cars all the time and it gets boreing to look at. i like shiney paint jobs because it makes things stand out and it takes a lot of work to be able to do that. i dont care how people think my models are, il take tips to make them better but ill only go so far. i post my models on here to show my idea of fun and thats it, i dont expect everyone to like it but the point im trying to get accross is that people do this for fun not to be perfect and not to please anyone but themselves, so i say live and let live
  13. what was the first model you ever built and what happened to it, mine was a 95 eclipse from the fast and the furious and im turning it into a gasser. tell us about yours
  14. that is one of the nicest odels i have ever seen. its is flawless and i love everything abbout it. good one
  15. another update, im goin pretty good on this thing this morning, and its time for a break so i decided to do an update. First i decided to not use the other engine and put a ford engine in it . its more detailed and has better headers. then i got the interior mostly detailed, i have to get the chassis in primer before i can finish because i used the bottom of the interior tub as the transmission tunnel. then i got the chunk filled in and sanded down and painted black over it to see if i still had to sand it more... i do haha. anyways here are the pictures.
  16. thanks for the tips i will try the elmers. and about the suspension, yeah i just dont have a lot of money to spent to make it perfect so if figured detail would make up for it haha. but thanks angian for the tips
  17. that looks so good, i dont even know what else to say haha,cant wait to see more
  18. dude that looks cool, i saw the cut up 58 and thaught it was kinda depressing till i saw it with the nomad top. it should look cook then its done though
  19. got enough done for an update, when i took the back glass out it took a chunk f the pillar with at and since im trying to build this without styrene or anything i filled it with putty. other then that the chassis is almost done. i still am gonna shorten the back axles and the i can put it in primer and start doing detail work. But i have to wait for the rain to quite first
  20. im not sure why but this really caught my eye and attention. i like the van builds and i like when people build replicas of their 1:1 cars. it looks really good an looking farward to more
  21. this was my very first model and i have never liked how it came out so i decided to redo it and make it completely cutom now that i have a little more skill in the hobby. here is what i have so far im not sure if i want to change the way it sits or not tel me what you think
  22. that looks awsome, the paint looks great and i love the colors
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