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  1. Here's the thing with Tamiya spray cans and Super Clean/Purple Power: If you use their Grey/White primer underneath the SC/PP will not make it budge, especially so when using Tamiya base coats on top. Even if you use other brands enamels or acrylics on top of a Tamiya primer base, it will take the former two off with ease but not even touch the primer. The same goes for the Duplicolor sprays. I hear the best methods in these instances would be 91% rubbing alcohol, Easy Off, ELO, or a combination of the three.

    However, if you have cheap Enamel Lacquer bases underneath Tamiya sprays, the PP easily attacks the former and also causes the unaffected Tamiya layer to slide off with it in sheets. An example is a body I painted with True Value Grey Enamel/Lacquer primer, followed by cheap Home Depot Flat Black, Rustoluem Silver, and then a Tamiya Metallic color over that like Blue/Green/Red/Orange. For faster results, scrape or scuff the paint to show the bare plastic or primer coat. 

    Another fun fact: the Testors One Coat Lacquers are actually Enamel Lacquers like the Rustoluem lines. Those from past experience come off real easy with the Purple Pond.

  2. Built from the recent Round 2 reissue of a crica 2003 AMT kit (originally in the Fast and Furious line). Built mostly OOB with the exception of reworking the kit's blob motor to look semi decent. Unlike the Supra, this one had major problems with bad fitment, warpage, and a "motor" looked to have been blueprinted by someone who never saw an engine before. It had a 4 cyl NA header on the back and some weird looking thing with a turbo up front. A custom front header was added while reusing the kit's turbo and doing a whole new plumbing/piping setup.

    Interior is Tamiya TS-53 Deep Metalic Blue, and the exterior is Tamiya TS-52 Candy Lime Green cleared with Pledge.





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  3. Built from the recent Round 2 reissue of a crica 2003 AMT kit (originally in the Fast and Furious line). Built 98% OOB with the exception of an added aluminum exhaust tip from a Revell import kit of unknown origin (the AMT's exhaust tip was short shoted). Leftover decals from the recently reissues AMT 1995 Mitsubshi Eclipse were used to mimic the graphics scheme of the F&F car.

    Exterior and interior is Tamiya TS-97 Pearl Yellow lightly misted over Rustoluem Orange to replicate the Pearl Orange of the F&F car. All of this is cleared with Pledge.






  4. MoparFans, geeeet out whillee youuuu stiiillllll caaaannnnnnnnnnn!!!!

    15yr old gluebomb resurrection with tons of replacement parts and a major drivetrain swap. Rear spolier was lifted from a '70 Mustang Boss, and suspension was lifted from a parts Revell '69 Charger. The kit's exhaust was rebuilt using sprue and modified tailpipes from a AMT Silhouette. Grille covers are pieces from the MPC '69 Charger slightly trimmed to fit around the '71 grille.

    Engine is a Toyota 5M-GE I6 from a heavily gluebombed parts MPC '83 Celica Supra. Modifications are a custom supercharger setup and a resin big turbo with custom plumbing and a parts box raditator. Wheels are from a Revell 2010 Shelby GT500, with front tires from a AMT '95 Supra and rears from the custom wheels belonging to a Motor City Muscle '70 Mustang.

    Interior is Rustoluem Flat Dark Brown, and exterior is TS-73 Clear Orange over Rustoluem Silver, all cleared with Pledge.






  5. Yes, another GTX from the recent Dom's Fast and Furious GTX kit. 440 was swapped out with a Tamiya Nissan 300ZX V6, featuring a heavily modified Ford GT Supercharger and Twin Turbocharged setup with resin turbos. Custom intercooler setup made from plastic sprue and a parts box radiator. Wheels and tires are the custom units from the Revell '70 Cuda with disc brakes from a 99 Mustang Cobra. Blasphemous to Mopar fans, yes. Unique and uncommon, you bet! 

    Exterior is Tamiya TS-97 Pearl Yellow over Rustoluem Yellow, all cleared with Pledge.







  6. Built from this 2001 issue of the AMT '71 Charger:



    Had the shaker hood and Hemi parts which AFAIK aren't on any later issues of this kit. One thing you'll notice is those wheels and fugly ride height, which were remedied to in this build.

    Mostly OOB with the exception of using wheels, tires, and brakes from the Revell Dom's Fast and Furious '71 GTX kit.

    Interior is Rustoluem Flat Dark Brown, and exterior is Tamiya TS-52 Candy Lime Green cleared with Pledge.






  7. Built from the recent Dom's Fast and Furious GTX kit. Mostly OOB using the kit's custom wheels+suspension. Only modifications were swapping out the Road Runner hood with a GTX grabber hood, and using a 426 Hemi from a Monogrma '71 Cuda with the air cleaner and intake from the GTX's 440.

    Interior is Rustoluem Flat Mocha, and exterior is Tamiya TS-53 Deep Metalic Blue cleared with Pledge.





  8. On some older white molded kits kits I bought sealed in the past, they would be severely yellowed or almost entirely tan.  What's even weirder is I've gotten opened kits with parts out of their baggies (and some complete/started kits in ziploc baggies) that were still pure white inside.

    I heard this phenomenon primarily occurs with certain styrene/ABS materials that were left outside or in warm temperatures out of their packaging, but then I've seen it in sealed stuff too. Google-fu can't get me a real clear answer due to all the variables and factors, but just curious on your experiences and opinions.

  9. Newest stock the two HLs in LI have are the Revellogram '76 Chevy pickup, '70 Firebird 2-in-1, Dom's ' 71 GTX, '60 Chevy Truck w/Go Cart, reboxed ROG Range Rover, Supernatural '67 Chevy Impala 4-door, '64 Plymouth Belvedere, and believe it or not the '71 Duster (odd HL would stock that one again at full price nonetheless when the two stores cleared them out at $5 a clip about a year ago). 

    Wake me when they have the AMT Mitsubishi Eclipse, Toyota Supra, Nissan 350z, and the Revellogram Chevy S-10 in stock. I was lucky enough to find two LHS's that had the Eclipse and Supra as every retailer online were sold out. HL had the Supernatural Impy and Dom's 71 GTX shortly after they came out before any LHS did (it's usually the opposite). No LHS has the 350z or the S-10, though I wouldn't be surprised if they showed up at HL first again before the LHS's get them.

  10. 57 minutes ago, the other Mike S. said:

    I wonder if the Nissan was based on diecast tooling?  It seems whenever they do a plastic kit based on diecast tooling (Revell '80's Caddy Coupe Deville), the proportions look odd.

    I wouldn't be surprised if those AMT kits made under the 2004-2007 Tomy/RC2 helm were largely based on die cast toolings used for Ertl/Johnny Lightning 1/18th and 1/24th equivalents.

  11. The MPC 71-73 Mustangs aren't very good due to all being based on a 1960s era Mustang promo turned kit update. The AMT 73 (last issued in a flat box as a racer about 5 years ago) is a much better kit.

    The 350z dates back to the Toyko Drift tooling and has odd proportions, especially the low chop top like roof. It can be made into a nice custom if one swaps out janky wheels with something else and thinks outside the box with a possible motor swap (LS1, Coyote moto, endless possibilities). The decals in the TD issue were jaw-droppingly awful as they would shrivel and wrinkle up into nothing, so any new decals R2 does as they did the Supra (which also had equally lousy decals in it's initial F&F issues) will be an improvement.

  12. Hello all, I'm looking for the parts from the following kits:

    Front/rear glass and front/rear suspension assemblies from 1/24 Monogram Pontiac Fiero GT, kit # 85-2242. 

    Clear and/or custom "Super Sport" style hoods from Revell Tuner Series 1993 Honda Civic Coupe 2 'n 1, kit # 85-2830. I will take painted hoods if they're not cracked or heavily glue smeared. UPDATE: I got a hold of the Civic hood I needed!

    If anyone has the monogram Fiero parts, PM me and we'll work out a parts trade.

  13. 14 hours ago, Casey said:

    AMT 1101 - 1/25 1995 Toyota Supra Turbo

    AMT 1220 - 1/25 2006 Nissan 350Z

    Well then, sign me up for at least 6 of the Supras!! Be nice if we had dates, but I imagine by late summer or so. Wonder if it will be the first version with the Bomex body kit, or the Veilside body that was co-designed by Aoshima for their JP boxing. One of the better kits out of the F&F line considering it's shortcomings, and it's a goldmine for parts motor suspension and seats. Only a matter of time till R2 decides to reissue this MPC 80s Celica Supra to go with it https://www.scalemates.com/kits/mpc-1-0841-toyota-celica-supra--950596

    The 350z is a decent kit, wheels/tires are jaw droppingly awful and the roof looks kinda chopped. Be nice to have that one out too, and no more dealing with evil bay prices for these!

  14. Built from Fast and Furious Dom's Charger kit. Kit's parts like the motor+ blower and wheels/tires were raided for other projects, but as I had most of the essential parts present I was customizing anyway. Mods as followed:

    Hood scoop from Revell '68 Charger drag option placed on '70 hood.

    7.0 litre Dodge Viper motor from scrap Revell Viper ACR build, with a custom made vortech style super charger setup using a resin turbo, exhaust and sprue pieces.

    Styrene scrap trees bent as intake tubes and oil filters turned into air filters as the original pieces were missing. Electronic fan/radiator comes from an unknown source.

    Custom built side exhaust.

    Seats from Dodge Viper ACR.

    Wheels are Radio Shack X-mods, with front tires sourced from an AMT Fast and Furious Supra and rear tires from Revell C5 Corvette. Disc brakes were also sourced from the Viper ACR.

    Various decals were used from the 68 charger, and the red tail stripe is from the stock '70 Charger.

    Exterior is Walmart Color Place Gloss Black, cleared with Pledge.







  15. Built from 1989 issue Prestige kit. Several parts had extremely poor placement and fit on top of being warped. The opening doors and trunk were the worst offenders, so those were glued shut and rescribed. Also, some parts were missing due to rattling in a battered holey box for 30 years. Nonetheless, I was customizing anyway with mods as followed:

    Twin Supercharged Ford V8 swap comes from Mathew and Debbie Heys T-Bird Pro Street, with a custom made intake as the original munti-piece chrome unit kept hitting the Mercedes hood.

    Styrene scrap trees bent as intake tubes and oil filters turned into air filters as the original pieces were missing. Electronic fan/radiator comes was also sourced from a Revell Acura Integra. 

    T-Bird Pro Street's side exhaust was used with heavy modifications to exit at the rear

    Steering wheels comes from AMT Silhouette 

    Mesh screening was used in lieu of kit's vent piece, which was an ill fitting heap when it hit's the inner fenders

    Front and rear bumpers were omitted to created cleaner look, bumper pins were used to cover up mounting holes. Badging and such were shaved and smoothed.

    Custom wheels form unknown Revell source, with front tires being Toyos from Revell Honda Civic and rear tires from Revell C5 Corvette. Disc brakes were used from a Revell Corvette Sting Ray III

    Interior paint is Rustoluem Advanced Formula Flat Brown. Exterior is Tamiya TS-72 Clear Blue over Rustoluem Silver cleared with Pledge








  16. So R2 indeed doesn't have the F&F licence, and are re-popping this as a generic tuner. The AMT Eclipse was based on the movie car, which was built on an RS being FWD and had a turboed up SOHC 4G37 I4. Revell's F&F Eclipse started out life as two Super Street die-cast kits with different wheels and body kit each, followed by a die-cast version of Bryan's Eclipse with new bumpers/wing/wheels/hood, and then with parts from all 3 versions (sans F&F decals) combined as a 3 in 1 in a 2005 issued styrene kit and the 2015 F&F issue with Universal's licencing. The die casts modeled on the Super Street photo cars were ones based on customized GSX's, which had 4WD and the DOHC turbo 4G63T I4. Revell based their version of Bryan's Eclipse on the Super Street cars, which is wrong for the F&F movie car, but technically correct for the show car Universal made for exhibition that was also built on a 4WD GSX.

    Unlike their horrible Lancer, AMT's Eclipse can be built up into something decent or mined for parts. I imagine the Supra will be next to follow, as a generic tuner obviously. The Supras are good sources for customizing goodies, and if R2 also sees fit to repop the MPC '82 Celica then that would make for epic swaps and so forth.


  17. Monogram Exotics Series 1/24th scale kit. I had originally built one of these, in a failed attempt with a baldy warped frame/interior shell and horrible glass, back in 2008. I had acquired a parts kit cheap at an auction back in 2016 that was missing the body shell and it's pieces along with some other small parts, which inspired me to find the pieces of the original one I had built back in '08. Since then, I had located the body w/ rear bumper glued on, the rear deck with it's spoiler, and whatever remained of the DOHC 4 cyl it had. 

    I always customize my BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH and wasn't going with a 4 banger set-up for the new build. I found a chrome molded Chevy 350 block (which could be from a AMT ZR1 since they had chrome engines and had provisions for a separate transmission) and used the DOHC heads and valve covers from the mint Lotus motor and the built one to make a wild DOHC V8 combination that would look dayumm in the Lotus! I located a front cam/fan belt assembly piece from a Ferrari V8 that fit on the 350 block and mated up nicely with the Lotus heads. I also went with a roots supercharger setup with a custom intake to drive the wild factor to 11. I also added a NOS bottle and headers from some unknown source that fit on the Lotus heads, and made a custom exhaust system using parts from a Revelle Corvett Sting Ray III. From the box I saw issues with the front ride height sitting too high making it ride like a 4x4, so I lowered the front spindles and made adjustments to the rear to fix the truck like stance it had. I also went with wheels and tires from a Revell ACR Viper since the kit's pieces were just tripe. I had to trim around the rear hatch to fit the tip of the motor and intake for the Supercharger, and decided to use the hatch's glass as a molded body piece that also acts as a hood scoop for the motor. Spoiler fit is a bit weird, don't know if it's lazy engineering by Monogram Interior or what, but I think it needed something ether way. Interior is Rustoluem Advanced Formula Flat Brown, and exterior is Tamiya TS-73 Clear Orange cleared with Pledge.







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