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  1. So I'm working on a Revell '66 Impala to be built in the style of my Lime Green '65 and wanted another set of the Foose wheels to keep the build style in tradition to the '65. So I got another Foose '65 for real, put the custom wheels aside in the '66 box and brainstormed ideas for the 2nd '65. I was going to make it a gasser Impy or slapping some mags and painting it baby blue of some sort, but then I saw the rear glass came broken in half in the bag and then I had this odd idea come over me and stumbled upon some rust bucket impalas upon a photo search for some inspiration. This is also my very first rusting, "junking", and weathering attempt along with simulating a "broken" glass, and although not to extreme levels I think it came out good considering just getting sloppy for the hell of it and messing around with Testors rust paint and oxide red primer. Mostly OOB, body paint is Rustoluem Gloss Red as an approximation for 1965 Chevrolet Ralley Red, and the frame is mist coated sears red oxide primer (which is a very close rust color if applied in certain coats).








    '55 F-100 Custom Hauler carrying this sorry SOS



    Paired with my LIme Green '65




  2. To those who have the 2017 reissue, does it still have the custom parts from the Matchbox street machines issue (which was also carried over to the 1996 AMT/Ertl issue) or is it truly based off the stock config of the very 1st release? Not a big deal if it doesn't since I already got both the Street Machine and 1996 issues all for the same MSRP of the new reissue, but since the new  box doesn't mention a custom version nor a parts tree layout, i'm curious...

  3. This was the 1st one I was working on between http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/124820-78-rm-mazda-rx7-1-first-posted-wip-in-a-while/, which i've yet to make any further updates on due to life and what not.

    This has the Cafe Racer add-ons and extra. Mods include replacing the molded suspension springs and shocks with finer ones from the spares box, along with lowering and adjustments to the ride hight. Wheels are from the '77 Monte Snapper and tires from the PL 2004 GTO and disc brakes are from the spares. Engine is the rotary 12A with a custom built turbo setup made from a big azz truck turbine and exhaust pipe scraps, going to a radiator/intercooler modified from a 94 Mustang with an air filter from the spares. Exhaust is mostly stock with some tweaking and a new muffler. Paint is Tamiya TS-53 Deep Metallic Blue over Rustoluem Aluminum, cleared with Future, and the interior is Testors flat tan with flat black dash and accents.










    Shot of turbo from underside



    Sorry for the slightly grainy pics and whatnot, that's what my S5 takes and i'm in the process of getting some white background for a neater photo environment.

  4. Great looking Impala! 

    How does the Foose design compare to the original Revell '65?

    Also, what site has unlimited storage? MCM or PB?

    Its only just new "Foose" designed wheels and an air cleaner :P. Otherwise, its just a stock 65 Impy like the 67 Charger and 68 Firebird in the line (the Ford F100 and Caddy are totally custom designs).

  5. First posted under glass in a while, more will come now that the site has unlimited photo storage (I guess Photobucket's ransom was a blessing in disguise).

    Revell '65 Chevy Impala Foose edition almost OOB, with the exception of exhaust pipe tips, one mirror and no door handles for a "suicide" door look. Paint is Tamiya TS-52 Candy Lime Green coated with Future floor wax, and interior is Rustoluem Satan Tan dulled with flat clear (it was way, way too glossy). 






    Sorry for the messy work display and all, but I hope some of you enjoy!

  6. Know about the whole Photobucket thing and I never liked that service much anyway, so now I can post directly on the forum :D

    Anyway, here's 1/2 RX7s i'm working on on top of everything else on my plate. One is mostly the Cafe Racer with a big a$$ turbo and some other upgrades, and its already painted Tamiya Deep Blue Peril (will post that one later). This one is getting further body adjustments (opened up the headlight to put in some clear ones with sliver backing), suspension upgrades, and a 2005 GTO LS1 with a supercharger from the spares box. 

    Note this may not be to everyone's taste, and this isn't some 100% perfect show stopping contest build, but a fun build.






    Color is undecided for this one, so stay tuned!

  7. I put down a few on that list when I was at NNL East:

    97 Camaro SS and Firebird Firehawk tools from their existing f-body mold

    The "ghost" Honda CRX that got canceled but the whole tool supposedly completed 

    GMC Syclone and Chevy S10 Wave Rider reissues

    New tools like a 94' RX7 2 in 1 and Supra 2 in 1 with a stock option if possible

    And reissues of stuff like the Subrau WRX, 93 Civic (good F&F fodder), 99 Civic Hatch. I know these aren't to everyone's tastes, but the latter are stuff that wouldn't cost a lot to shoot up since they were fairly recent. I talked with Ed Saxton about the 78' RX7 release date and what happened with the planned NSX reissue. He said they looked into putting it out in the F&F line to replicate the car from one of the recent entries, but dropped those plans before release (which sounds like the movie car, while almost stock, had custom bits and wouldn't justify the cost in retooling given it wouldn't be a hot seller). I asked him if Revell would explore reissuing it in the "performance" line since other imports like the RX7 and Miata are in it, he said "Absolutely!", so we'll see what happens.

  8. Wonder if it'll still include the custom option (body kit, ducktale wing, etc) from Matchbox Street Machine issue, which was also carried over to the 1990s reissue?

    Since the MPC Datsun monster truck is out, lets hope the 82 Celica isn't too far down the line.

  9. The MPC '84 Toyota Supra would be a good candidate fro reissue, but it seems Round2 is on a roll with the Lesney/Matchbox-era reissues-- VW Scirocco, Sunbeam Tiger, now, the 280ZX Turbo...get ready for the VW Rabbit and Subaru B.R.A.T. next! ^_^

    The repoped Datsun monster truck is MPC, which makes me hope the Celica and a few others aren't too far down the line.

  10. You've done good then, because the new release will set you back, at least $25.

    At least that would be better than the $45-70 i've seen them normally fetch (including the 1990s reissue, which I was fortunate enough to nab at $20 back in June)

  11. Someone here was hoping not too long ago for this one to be reissued:

    AMT 1043 - 1980 Datsun 280ZX Turbo - Late March

    Of course, when I just nabbed a Matchbox issue of the custom version for $15 ata show today, NOW THEY'RE PLANNING TO RE RELEASE IT!

    All we need is the MPC 82 Toyota Celica to release (sure the molds still exist complete) and the 80s Japanese sports car trio with the 280zx and the Monogram RX7 will be finish!  What would also be nice to see if the molds exist, and are in good shape, is the MPC Toyota 2000 GT convertible as that hasn't been seen in a long time, plus they could brand it as an 007 product (the car was in YOLT) to increase sales potential.

    Also wouldn't hurt to repop the F&F Supras while they're at it, branded as Bomex and Veilside kits respectively if they cannot get the F&F licence (hey, they're rereleasing stuff they put out almost 10yrs ago, so whats so wrong about releasing Supras without the F&F branding?

  12. I don't know if any our fellow islanders have post anything yet and I'm not the one in charge of it, but it doesn't seem like anyone mentioned it already so I'll go ahead. 


    Just a heads up about our show/swap meet to those who are in east coast or near New York. Its next Saturday November 11 at Freeport Recreational Center, 130 East Merrick Road, Freeport, NY from 9:00 AM-4:00 PM. This is the 25th anniversary of our club, the Long Island Automotive Society (L.I.A.R.S), and we will be having a special anniversary theme that is any car painted Tamiya Silver Leaf TS-30 and with a or in the make year (eg. car is from 1962, 1965, the 20's, the 50's, etc).


    More info including directions and contest rules are explained on our downloadable PDF fliers here: http://www.liarsmodelcarbuilders.com/#!events


    For those who are on Long Island and want to have something to do on Thursdays, we meet every third Thursday of the month at the Henrietta Acampora Recreational Center on 39 Montauk Hwy, Blue Point, NY.  If interested, contact Rich Argus @ r.argus@juno.net


    Hope to see some of you at the show!


  13. The last two Revell full detail Acura NSX kits on eBay were both factory sealed. One sold for $5.99 and the other $12.00.

    That may have been a few years ago, recently I saw one selling for $50 sealed and the original 1992 snap-tite issue was $40 from ModelCarMountian, yet I paid abour $20 for mine at Daves back almost 10 years ago.

  14. Or you can get Tamiya's Acura NSX kit.

    Have two of them, but the Revell one holds a place in my heart as its one of the 1st builds at a time when my skills were starting to improve. I got the 1999 issue at Daves Hobby in Freeport as it was the only place I ever saw one there (at the time). After moving around and such, its in pieces but is almost complete for a resto as i'm missing the suspension and dashboard.

  15. The instructions were not "leaked".  Per Revell, they looked into reissuing it and then decided not to and cancelled the reissue. 

    Bummer :( Looks like the sky high ebay prices will rule once again.

    At least the RX7 is still happening, so far.

  16. I'm still scratching my head as to why they leaked instructions for a kit that seemed to be never released. Anyone know Ed Saxtons email address? He would be the one to know if the NSX is still planning to be released, but bits got leaked early, or was planned but somehow canceled.


    Revell has a link to instructions of the nsx under the fast and furious line. But no other info on it. 




    Is there any other information regarding this kit? I saw a 2015 copyright, so I hope it wasn't something that got canceled, or maybe they're pushing it to a different date. Hopefully, the Mazda Miata, 93 Civic and Civic hatchback aren't too far from being announced.

  18. The BM Corvette was last seen as the California Wheels Corvette coupe, and had almost all the BM parts with a few extras, but with exception of the goodyear tires (mags were still on the tree though) and decals. I suspect this will be a 2 in 1 repop of the Cali Wheels but with the correct wheels + tires and decals restored for Baldwin Motion car.

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