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  1. I mailed with Terry today. There are about 50 of these ever produced. I've never seen one finished. Anyone who has? There are only 2 complete kits left, so HURRY if you want one. Terry was so kind to pour a new interior hub, since he wasn't satisfied with the first. Looking forward to this!
  2. Thanks all! Since Sniper was just losely based on the Savoy, there was a square tube chassis. That is why I will try the Sidewinder's chassis first... I think... Depends on dimensions. But first I'll have to receive kit... I'm REALLY looking forward to that!
  3. I got the kit from Terry... I don't Wanda doubt him, but he talked about a 53 Ford Victoria (?) as donor? I agree the chassis in the kit won't resemble the real car's one... But maybe I should just concentrate on the looks and not to create an exact replica (which isn't my goal). Thanks for all your input! MG
  4. I found a resin kit of the Sniper. Originally built by Troy Trapanier, it is a 1950's Plymouth Savoy, but then HEAVILY customized. I wonder if anyone knows what donor kit to use? I already have the Dodge Sidewinder concept to give up drivetrain, engine and trans, wheels, exhaust, etc. Possibliy I can use the frame. Is there a specific donor kit for the chassis and interior? Anyone built this resin kit? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Matthijs The Netherlands
  5. I FINALLY got one! Man, do you have many forgotten/ brands in The States....
  6. Isn't that the engine of a Monogram Callaway Corvette? It is a twin turbo version Of the Chevy V8. Why not use it completely? Would be different, to say the least...
  7. Did some research and found it is the real thing...
  8. THe wreck right behind the Goat is not 1:1???
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