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  1. Back to work on this. Rear glass is installed along with riveted decal framework. I also added the taillight blackout along with the window trim using black BMF.
  2. If I remember correctly he used to ship all of his selling stock, in advance, in steamer trunks so he didn't have to carry anything with him.
  3. Thanks for all of the compliments. It was fun build.
  4. The original build was done almost twelve years ago. I created the photo album of the rebuild over a year and a half ago even though I had started on the cleanup of the body years prior. After starting to document the rebuild the project was put away and taken back out a few times up until three months ago when I decided to continue the build to completion. All in all I'd say that I have about two hundred hours in the build.
  5. Here is a freshly completed build. A 48 Plymouth Woodie. This one was a long time in the making. This was a builtup from many years ago reimagined. It's based on an old R&R resin body ( I believe ) and a lot of scratchbuilding and detailing. The original body was very thick and needed lots of cleanup. The original builder didn't apply too much time on that so I had to start over by stripping/sanding the body back down and starting fresh. Here is the original look. Now, after years of tinkering on and off and then a few months back deciding to take this to completion this is what I came up with. Thinned the body, pancaked the hood, opened all of the doors, scratchbuilt a new rear upper hatch, opened all of the wood panels and replaced them with cigar casing wood inserts. Kitbashed the chassis with a 41 Plymouth and front clip from a Lindberg 64 Dodge. Tubbed the rear for wider tires. Rear suspension from the Lindberg kit. Modernized the interior with dash and door panels from the parts box. Used the Hemi from the Lindeberg kit along with a custom cooling system. Scratchbuilt roofrack for the refrigerator magnet surfboard. And, finished it off with hand painted wood details along with an HOK Razberry Pearl paint.
  6. Like I said in my original post that it's not completely accurate. I added the A/C because it's one of the best detailed engines in kit form even though I know that this car didn't compete with A/C. It's also a build that I did almost 20 years ago, long before I was concerned with being replica accurate.
  7. Here's an old build that I've never posted because I didn't have any good photos. Cleaned it up and took some new pics.. Fred Cady decals and an AMT kit. It's not an accurate replica but it was a fun build.
  8. This is a six year old stalled project of David's. Don't think there's any "pics coming" anytime soon.
  9. 50 years of the funny car was celebrated two years ago. This Youtube video is probably from back then. The museum has had models displayed in it for years. There are displays with funny cars, top fuel, pro stocks, etc. I even have a scratchbuilt Dave Schultz pro stock motorcycle on display.
  10. Sorry, it was Harts Parts Resins that has the Mopar pro stock scoop. It's close yet far off as well. Looks like you would have to start with something basic and work it into the Stiles scoop. Never seen that exact scoop design before in model form. https://hartspartsresin.com/product/amt-mopar-pro-stock-hood-scoop/
  11. Another quick, out-of-the-box build using the Moebius 65 Plymouth AFX kit and aftermarket decals. This was my first build of any Moebius kit. For the most part it was a great build, however, the glass installation is another issue. Instructions call for the glass to be installed from the outside but that doesn't work nor does it fit on the inside. I was able to get the back glass in but had to make an entirely new windshield out of sheet plastic. The decals for the Buckeye and Vernon car are older aftermarkets that are no longer available.
  12. Looks great. It's held up well over the years.
  13. I used the Concorde body to design a future drag build.
  14. Fuel cell and fuel lines are complete. I also checked to ensure that the front clip would still fit with all of the added detail.
  15. Scrap the chassis and build a new one.
  16. Tires and wheels and steering linkage along with the radiator completed and installed. I also mocked up the fuel cell.
  17. Yes. Lots of cool images can be found and used for decals like rally stripes.
  18. Headers are done and with them in place I added some frame bracing.
  19. They are arrow wraps. I found the images online, saved them and converted them into decals.
  20. Thanks Tim. It's Spaz Stix Flourescent orange. The funny thing is that when I turn out the lights over my workbench this thing almost glows in the darker light.
  21. All decals are complete. https://images51.fotki.com/v1654/photos/3/177223/10159135/20200724_222812-vi.jpg[/img]
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