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  1. Excellent subject pick, well done!
  2. I always wanted to do a p51 mustang dragster after I saw that one
  3. I bought one of those cheap lathes. Pluses it has a nice bed and feed movements, problems are the chuck is extremely small and the single speed it will burn plastics because it turns too fast. So I hooked mine up to a old train transformer so I can adjust the speed. The lathe is very weak in motor torque though and you can really only turn plastics and wood
  4. 1974 Vega Revell kits and Top Speed Decals
  5. Does anyone make decals for the Lou Azar Gremlin funny car AMT?
  6. Yes, 1/12 a few bumps along the way, a lot of sink hole marks to fill.
  7. Finished up with Indycal decals and brake ducts from shapeways.
  8. The wheels are from MAS (Machined Aluminum Specialties) system 17 Top Fuel Front Wire Wheel kit. I have not been able to find anyone who currently has them. Let me know if anyone has any more for sale.
  9. Tom Daniels tribute dragster
  10. Engine, fuel tank and slicks are from parts box, not sure of their origin.
  11. Thanks for all the positive feedback
  12. I got the decals from facebook Hobby from Hell
  13. I used a MPC Young American Dragster kit, shorten the frame and swapped engines. Got the decals from Hobby from Hell.
  14. That looks great, I might go with that. Thanks
  15. Do any of you know who makes aluminum 3 groove pulleys? I what to make a blown flathead drag motor with them.
  16. Where did you get the longer flame decals?
  17. Does anyone make proper decals for the Milner's dragster? It seems like the kit ones are not going up to the engine.
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