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  1. Very nice builds Bernard, you have the style nailed
  2. Stunning work and a real gem
  3. thanks john, its the new style solder. I use a nail buff to give it some shine.
  4. Hi Dominik, no mate its still in the box, for another project.
  5. Thanks guys, yes this is the 1/18 version. Lance your plans for building the skirts is exactly what I did so you are on the right track.
  6. Yep, really neat build. Color looks perfect
  7. Hi, no forgot to mention the springs are scratch built over black plastic inserts. Thanks for commenting.
  8. Thought I'd get a little ambitious with this one and go for the low and slow style. I based it on an Alexander Bros style at the front and totally re-worked the hood, headlights and grille opening. I added a floating front bar and recessed mesh grille. I filled in the back fenders and blended the skirt into the back of the quarter. New side moudling were sculptured into the door. Handles were shaved. Side pipes were added. The color is Tamiya Pearl Green, Tamiya Pearl White with a light green flake over-sprayed. Interior got bucket seats, a waterfall full flow through centre console, matching carpet and a 55 Thunderbird dashboard, all custom green knobs and an green acrylic gear shift knob.
  9. Stunning make-over, very neat and improved the model 150%
  10. One of best mate\s is always on the look out for F100 stuff for me and he picked up this 1/25 diecast. I lowered it added new wheels, gave it a white interior and removed some of the ugly painted on trim from around the glass. A little bit of BMF and paint detail and hey presto a neat F100 cruiser
  11. This is a nice kit and went together quite well. I used Tamiya Pearl White for the shiny bits and vinyl white for the interior and trim. I made new decals for the interior and laid them over BMF to get the chrome piping effect. For the roof and tray cover I glued thin solder on and then gently buffed it with a nail buff tool to get the shine. The pick-up sides are done in gold BMF Hope you like.
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