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  1. no skirts for sure. that's a great looking model. i love it
  2. i am in the finishing stages of turning these 12 first gear 1/25 scale diecast Christmas series pick up trucks from speedway gas stations into a series of junkers. i have one complete that i am going to put on ebay soon. the rest will be done basically the same with some differences like paint color dent and rust locations and accessories. most i will most likely take to car shows to sell there. i have a number thirteen truck that is going to be done a little different that will go into my junkyard display. i will include the work done to these trucks in the ebay description when i list it. this is all 12 of the trucks unfinished except for the one in front.
  3. another cool looking truck geno. again would have loved it if they did some in 1/24
  4. no space inside!! park it in the driveway. they are nicely done trucks. i only wish they had done some in 1/24
  5. i gotta get one of these. i had a 1:1 of this car red in color in the early 70s.
  6. these are nice i modified mine a little.
  7. yea!! we can only hope there is some kind of a resurgence in the mints.
  8. and i had the ambulance nearby i took a few pictures next to it that are a little more clear than the ones i posted when i finished it.
  9. here are the rest of the 1959 Pontiac Bonneville barn find pictures.
  10. awhile ago i posted a few pictures of the sunstar 1/18 scale 1959 Pontiac Bonneville all apart. well its done now as a barn find car needing restoration. i accidentally sat on the windshield and cracked it most would freak out after doing that but for me it's an improvement and looks good. bunch of pictures so i will split into two parts.hope some like it.
  12. great job. anytime you have to cut up a diecast model you will have to solve a lot of issues. i have done a few of them and everyone is a challenge. when i did the 1/24th scale bonnie and clyde car i had to use 2 diecast models and 1 resin model in order to get it to look right. so i know how hard it is to do. again great job.
  13. i haven't been able to post in awhile so i am posting a few i you have not seen yet. this one is a 1/18 ertle 1967 chevelle ss 396 barn find
  14. this is a great conversion. it just keeps looking better as you go. some people may not realize how difficult it is to do this. i had to convert a 25th scale 1962 Cadillac promo model from a hardtop into a convertible and it was no simple thing. so great job on the olds. i love it
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