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  1. fantastic model clean and smooth. love it
  2. i did this car for a friend of mine who is a grave digger by trade.he wanted something in his line of work with this 1/18 scale precision miniatures 1966 caddy hearse. this is what i came up with. story goes. the owner of this funeral buisness in 1969 was not cooperating in paying his insurance so on his way to the funeral a car drove alongside of his driver side on a lonley stretch of road and opened fire on him. the car went off the road into a ditch and down a long hill and came to rest on a rock wall.it was not found untill 43 years later by a hunter. this is how it looked when found. hope it's not to morbid.lol i hope cranky approves
  3. here is one of mine. i will show another one later.its a 24th scale wcpd converted into barn find junker.
  4. great looking model and i love the bug too. mr rusty's shop is great
  5. here is another one of mine. it is wcpd converted into a trailor. i copied this from a real car. hope you like it. i did this car for the owner of wcpd. i am going to do another in the future but on the next one i am going to leave off the side trim. do you think i should do that.
  6. a friend of mine wants to know if there is a model in any scale of a 1970 chevy caprice four door. and also if anyone who has one would want to part with it.any help is appreciated
  7. here are a couple of mine this one is a wcpd 24th scale 59 converted into a junk this one is a 58 impala 24th scale converted into a junk this one is a promo model 25th scale converted into a junk
  8. heres mine 1/24th scale danbury mint 69 nova converted into a project car.
  9. heres mine. it was a 1/18th scale sun star that i junked
  10. welcome Baily i am new on here myself. i am so glad to see a youg person get into this as a hobby. most kids your age are only into video games and computers 24 7. i have been watching hobby store after hobby store close down because most kids today have no interest in a hands on hobby. was a time before video games and computers when a kid and his dad or grand dad would work on models or railroad settups together. keep it up and keep building
  11. thanks Jonathan i was looking at your photbucket album and you do some amazing things. i have always wanted to do one of those police interceptors as a junker. i did one as a taxi a few years ago but i sold it. would love to do another if i find one.
  12. hi! guys i know these are diecast cars and maybe not everyones cup of tea here' but i like to show them and i do plastic models as well. i did three danbury mint 1/24th scale mercury club coupes as junkers. two are for ebay and the rolled one is for my junkyard diorama. i used some real glass aged and rusted them and made the tires and drums from scratch. on the rolled car i had to remake the hood trunk and ps door and fender from sheet metal in order to get the crumpling effect. some of the interior material is from real old junk cars. i still have a little to do to the rolled car but the others will be on ebay soon. hope some like them. let me know if its to many pictures.
  13. hi! Phil first i want to thank you all for the welcome. yes the bus is mine if this is the one you mean
  14. i just registered here and want to introduce myself. my name is manny and i am known as jerseyjunker1 in the diecast world. i mostly turn diecast cars and trucks into junkyard vehicles or barn finds. i do most scales including model kits or built plastic cars and junk them to. i also build dioramas when time allows. i have been reading some of your posts and you all have so much knowledge.i just hope i fit in with you guys. lol anyways here is a little of what i do. i don't remember what kit this is as i did it a few years ago. i made the old guy next to the pick up from the figure next to the d.m. nova. hope you like it.
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