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  1. ONCE AGAIN, I am inspired, my son gave me sum stuf jus like dis (plastic though0) FINALLY know how I might use it. MAN I LOVE THIS SITE!!
  2. This talk makin me VERY thirsty!!! hehe 3 4rz sounds very interesting
  3. Romell dis build rite up U alley, MAN dis iz sum really COOOOOOL stuf!! FUZZZYNESS flowin inside me, juso U all know! :-D
  4. I AM assuming this thing is guna start n run, correct?? MAN I LOVE THIS!!
  5. Count me in Eagan, Trucks r my favorite.
  6. Not only duz inspiration flow on dis channel BUT the entertainment iz awsum, TOO!! hehe
  7. Nice work. ideas flowin in my head!
  8. guna have to definatly try weatherin stuf, can c dat now!
  9. I like your style, Bern. VERY helpful in MY digs, thanks. Doin 53 Chevy 4door 4X4 Rollback en this WILL b very helpful in my build, thanks 4 bein my friend. It's V10 Viper powered, juso U no. Believin U jus made my interior work a LOT easier
  10. ALL I can say iz fuzzy. no beta way 2 say how I feel, hehe NICE!
  11. DOC awsum chat n helpful hints guy I luvem! hehehe
  12. MAN once agin U, my friends av opened up another new world to ME! GOSH I luv this site!!!
  13. Rite on rob! WE all b our own, my son n daughter r DND frieks, n 2 b honest my X n I practickly started da game, hehe. N jus so U no I'z doin models @ da same time (darn spell ck not workin, agin) anyway, lets jus B us!
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