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  1. 1272148 added a post in a topic 70 hemi cuda "what if" build * July 19 update. Very close now   

    I really love the paint, the hemi cuda' has always been my dream car
  2. 1272148 added a post in a topic Craig Clements "Head Hunter" : new project 4/16/14   

    That is one detailed show car
  3. 1272148 added a post in a topic Janis Joplin's Porsche 356C and Janis figure...   

    Wow this car is detailed, it looks like the real thing
  4. 1272148 added a post in a topic The "FreakShow" new project 1/12/13   

    Very cool
  5. 1272148 added a post in a topic Buying with closed eyes   

    Overall my luck with ebay has been good, however I am with ebay on of those people that when things go wrong they normally do in a very bad way. The worst two were situations were I never recieved a product after paying and was unable to resolve it with paypal.
  6. 1272148 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    amt li'l gypsy wagon & hemi howler hot rods
    Here's some pics of a couple of odd projects I'm working on, the amt li'l gypsy wagon and the hemi howler, I painted them with weathering pastels and chalks. So far I have the main componets together on the gypsy wagon, however the howler has been going much slower. I bought the gypsy wagon in mint condition and built it a few months ago, however after falling off of a shelf along with a couple of other models, I am restoring it and will later may be included with a diorama. The hemi howler unlike the gypsy wagon was bought as a wreck of a gluebomb that took months of restoring and multiple rebuilds to get to were it is now. I brushed the wagon's body with a mixture of a weathered wood and the body a custom mixed red. The howler was brushed with a custom mixed burlap color and purple to some parts of the body.

    I mixed some weathering pastels together to gain the effect of grains

    The Hemi Howler

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  7. 1272148 added a post in a topic Expensive & collectible kits. Do you build or keep?   

    I just like to think whenever I question if it right ot open a kit. Hay if I ever do get to selling anything if I build it well enough it may sell for more than the boxed kit, I have found many people out there willing to pay prices more than the value of a sealed kit for a pro built work of another builder with the skills rather than build themselves, and that makes me feel better. Anyway I like to start with a gluebomb, especially one that requires lots of work, (helps me lengthen build time).
  8. 1272148 added a post in a topic January Barrett-Jackson   

    Wow that sucks... wait now that I remember it, they chose to go on comercial last year and when I looked at the next car page at the bottom of the screen they had a superbird and a daytona that went while they were on comercial, and later on they went to commercial with barracuda that matches mine exactly, I never learned what it was worth and have lost interest since due to the fact they arn't like the way the they used to be, they have started to bring cars in that no longer can peak my interest, "mopar or no car" style. I didn't even catch the las vegas show, as for the hemicuda I may watch as I'm obsessed with e body mopars.
  9. 1272148 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    What kind of car is that, looks pretty cool? Any pics of the whole car?
  10. 1272148 added a post in a topic Brace Yourselves - A Very Sad '68 Charger   

    I see you to enjoy the rusted muscle over at cars in barns.com
    To all those who say it isn't worth $2500 dollars, have you seen the prices people are getting for these things online?
  11. 1272148 added a post in a topic Volvo "Terror" tractor   

    very cool
  12. 1272148 added a post in a topic Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am   

    Why didn't he want you to have that car, did he have a reason, or was he just one of those people who likes to make life harder for everyone else, I had a brother like that too, exept he was my little brother and always complained when we would go to the car dealerships or look at a possible used car
  13. 1272148 added a post in a topic whats in the stash.....sniff sniff?   

    Most of the kits I have are nothing to be desired, I only have three or four rare models and those are kits that you eather love them or hate them, most of the kits in my collection are show rods, but I also have a few 1/8th scale kits and a few Japanese kits in my collection
  14. 1272148 added a post in a topic Lil' Mixer   

    the beer wagon was designed by Tom Daniel in 1967, some of his other kits were the red baron, the groovy grader, and he designed the munsters koach ( George Barris only built the full sized car Tom designed it)
  15. 1272148 added a post in a topic Lil' Mixer   

    li'l mixer 1970
    li'l gasser 1969
    li'l yeller 1970
    the fourth one you are thinking of is the li'l cashbox 1969, all of these cars were designed by John Bogosain who also designed the koo koo kar 1972, the flameout 1972, and the depth charger 1972, he also designed the royal rail 1972, the li'l gypsy wagon 1972, and the hemi howler 1972, and the der beetle bus 1971, the lug bug 1971, and the der volks van 1971, and the li'l stogie 1971, the li'l romin chariot 1971, and the li'l hot dogger 1971