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  1. Hey Bill. Builds like this make me thrive forwards and keep building, it's so motivating. But may I ask what thickness brass are you using for the interior and boot and where can I get some? Also, you're doing a hell of a good work! Karl
  2. You did a great yob with the MPC Camaro, as it's so crappy, I threw mine away. Great job with all 3.
  3. Hey, this is just amazing, just speechless! I don't know if you mentioned it before, but what tires are those?
  4. This is just crazy, you have a very wild imagination. What is this style called?
  5. Nice progress man! What kind of tape are you using for masking?
  6. Sweet paint, too bad Revell messed up with the Tires/Rims.
  7. Looking nice! I love the color. Need to start on mine soon too, but still need some things.
  8. Looking nice, great progress! Good luck for the rest of it!
  9. Looking nice Chris, I have a '62 Impala in the progress too, how's the P-E set, anything to look out for while building?
  10. Thats looking extreme, may I ask, where did you get these wheels?
  11. Holy ****, dude, you're crazy. I barely can do a house in sketchup.
  12. Just love those Wu-Tang ones Why not start producing them?
  13. Good idea, but why leaving a viper without an engine?
  14. Nice job! Color really pops, but mabye adding a whitewall to the tire, it'll improve A LOT.
  15. And there went my idea... Already had another r32 and still waiting for Work's Very nice build, these Work's sit flush there.
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