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  1. I am looking for a set of Weld Pro Star wheels in 1 /24 scale. The wheels from the '90's Mustang Drag Car look great, however they are a little too small for the car that they are going on, (Revell '71 GTX). Can anyone tell me if anyone has made these wheels in 1/24 scale?
  2. Casey, thanks for the Datsuns.
  3. Right back at cha Impalow / Eric. thanks for the Mustang
  4. My biggest issue is that the whloe interior is wrong. The real Sox & Martin car wasn't even a GTX. It was an RO23 Hemi Belvedere.
  5. Bill, I am going to have to beg to differ with you. I am no expert, however the '70 Coronet R/T / Superbee has been my #1 favorite car since I saw my first one at the age of ten or so. I own a 1 of 97 '70 Coronet R/T Six Pack - Four Speed - Dana car. I have examined countless examples of these cars for years and talked to more enthusiasts of these cars that I can count. I have seen several cars with the red grill trim, (although they are rare). I remember a particular rusted out piece of junk '70 Coronet 500 in my neighborhood as early as 1980 or so. This car was a tired old daily driver/beater. Not a restoration. It definitely had the red trim. I remember how sweet I thought it looked against the B5 blue paint. The consensus among '70 Coronet guys is that some cars had it, and some cars didn't; and it has nothing to do with the car having a Hemi, or being a Coronet 500, R/T, or Super Bee. It was probably an earlier production thing that got changed once production got under way; but they definitely made them and put them on cars, (albeit not many). The same goes for the center section of the bumper. All were chrome, but some had a stamped cover over the chrome that was painted body color. Again, it was a random thing that was not model specific. Regarding the Hemi convertible in this thread... usually when guys restore a car of that caliber, they make sure that ALL of the details are correct.
  6. Wow, it took a show that ended like 20 years ago to make this thread interesting..... "but are you still master of your domain?"
  7. I actuaully have two of them that I am thinking of throwing on Ebay, pocketing the money, and waiting for Revell to re-release it. But then with my luck I will spend the money, and they wont re-release the kit.... Kind of like years ago when AMT announced that they were going to re-issue the '69 Coronet R/T. I had two nice builers of the original MPC version. I sold them on Ebay for about $100.00 each; and waited for the re-issue to build. As we all know, the re-issue never came.
  8. Thanks for all of the feedback guys. I will get some pics of the car this weekend and post them.
  9. This is the first model that I built right out of the box without having to change or modify anything in many many years. Revell really nailed it with this one.
  10. His car is about 2 months from being finished (hopefully only 2 months).
  11. My dad's birthday is this Sunday. For his present, I replicated his 1:1 hot rod. It's the Revell '30 Coupe. '40 Ford Standard hubcaps with a hopped up flathead from the '40 Ford custom. Banjo rear end from the parts box. Everything else was pretty much out of the box. It was almost as if Revell had his car in mind when they designed the kit, (except for the aforementioned mods). Happy 71st Dad.
  12. I had an '85 Shelby Charger. I remember the car was pretty crude and unrefined. The car was however easy to work on... which was good... because it always needed worked on.
  13. My first boyhood crush was Julie Neumar as the Cat Woman. My second was Mary Tyler Moore on the Dick Van Dyke re-runs. Loved her.
  14. Years ago, when AMT came out with the '71 Charger R/T, my LHS had a shipment that had an Olds Toronado body, (if I remember correctly) in place of the Charger body. AMT was replacing the order and the LHS owner was selling the kits with the mis-matched bodies for next to nothing. I think I bought five of them off of him for the parts particularly the awesome 440's with the 727 trannys.
  15. I was looking for the printed ones like the ones in the picture. I have about 200 of the older ones without the printing; however my eyes are not what they used to be and it is difficult to hand paint the white letters.
  16. Does anyone know what kit the Goodyear Polyglas tires came from?
  17. gardnerpag 44 just hooked me up with a '32 Ford seat that I was looking for. Thanks Paul.
  18. vintagedragcrazy came through once again. Thanks Vince.
  19. If anyone is looking for the '30 Ford Coupe, A guy has some on Amazon for about $30.00 with free shipping. That seems pretty reasonable considering that some ya'hoos on eBay are already asking $39.99 or more PLUS shipping.
  20. vintagedragcrazy is a straight up guy. Vince, if there is anything I can do for you... you let me know.
  21. Right back at both of you guys. Bob and Vince (Dragline and vintagedragcrazy) are straight up guys who came throught with some good stuff. I would definately do business with both again.
  22. Can anyone recommend a type of clear coat, (gloss? flat? Testers? Tamiya?) to spray on an old decal sheet to prevent, (or at least minimize the chance) of the decals breaking apart in water?
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