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  1. Got the wood covers for the roof boughs done today. Thanks for looking. Corey
  2. Thanks Bill. She started on the vette, but it's missing a piece. I'll tell her hi for ya. Corey
  3. Got the fuel lines ran, roof boughs made and installed, going to cut down some thin wooden strips to cover them. Also got the cab mounted, and shifter, and steering column with turn signal lever installed. Thanks for looking. Corey
  4. Thanks Alyn, and Richard. Yes Alyn, I'm having a blast with this one. All of the wood is real, from a 1/16th thick sheet of veneer laminate. Richard, I have been actually tossing around that very idea also. I think it would look great also. Corey
  5. Got the dash, door, and bed side wooden panels done. Also added some Hemi powered badges to the cab sides. Thanks for looking. Corey
  6. This thing is looking awesome Alyn. Cant wait to see it in person some time. Corey
  7. Thanks Randy. Will get some more pics up in the morning. Corey
  8. Thanks Alyn. The top is going to be the same as the rest, inside and out. It's also going to have wooden trim on the inner door panels, as well as a wooden dash insert. Corey
  9. Exellent job Carl!!! That paint looks like you could swim in it it's so deep. Beautiful model. Corey
  10. Thanks Fred, and Richard. Richard the top is going to be diamond tuck also. Corey
  11. Manifold, air trumpets, throttle linkage, wooden bed, seat, console, headers, and collectors, door hinges and upholstery. Corey
  12. Injector base, and stacks. Throttle linkage, fuel line, shocks, tube work, fender braces, headers, and firewall ends.
  13. Front and rear hinge systems, and rear cover. Front tube frame work, throttle linkage, fuel t, and lines. Battery kill switch. Firewall ends. Fender brace.
  14. Headers and exhaust Throttle linkage, fuel t, fuel line, and brake lines
  15. Here are some of my creations. rollcage hinges exhaust pipes, and headers belt drive, and waterpump exhaust tips
  16. Lookin really good so far Niko. Keep it up man. One of my next projects is the Pure Hell Demon f/c, so I'll be checkin out all the old funnys alot. Corey
  17. Got the bed pretty much done tonight. Thanks for looking. Corey
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