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  1. Thank you. I've alot of time in that one. It has real wood bed floor, bed sides, dash, and door panels. Scratch built gauges, seat, intake, carb trumpets, linkage, and headers. Chopped top, and suicide doors.
  2. Thanks. Just the kit tires with some Slixx decals
  3. I've tried posting several pictures throughout this thread, and some it let's through no problem, and the rest I get this error message.
  4. Here are a couple oldies. The 29 Model A is the last serious project I was working on before I stopped building for 6 years. The Demon is around the same time frame. Both need to be finished sometime. Not going to even try for the deadline. But these are going to be on the bench coming up sometime soon.
  5. Hello everyone. It's been a long time. I've been away from the hobby for various reasons since early 2013. I've missed it very much. I finally have a decent place to build again, and have been back at it almost every day for a little over a month now. Some of you I recognize, and some are new to me, but I wanted to say hello and happy building.
  6. This thing is awesome. Very clean, and accurate looking work.
  7. I remember when you started this build Pat. Excellent work so far. Glad to see you're working towards finishing it.
  8. Here are some more mock up pics. Fuel cap is just taped on until after its polished. Got the filler tube for the fueltank made. And the p.e. fan completed and installed.
  9. Great tutorial Marcos. Very helpful.
  10. Thank you. The grill was pretty tricky on this one. Really like how much of a difference pe parts make though. Totally worth the extra time.
  11. Thank you. I've always really liked it too. Have another wip in a similar scheme.
  12. Got the hinge made for the trunk and in place.
  13. Thank you. My area isn't that neat, lol. Thats right after I got it set up. It has exploded recently, lol
  14. Here are some of it mocked up. Just kind of playing around with some ideas.
  15. Here is one I started painting a few weeks ago. It was one that was given to me by my step dad who passed recently. It is my first experience with acrylic paints on a car body.
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