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  1. Some of the other stuff going into this project. My dad is machining all these parts for me freehand on his mini lathe and mill machine.
  2. Who makes photo etched grill mesh in 1/16th?
  3. My real one doesn't have a wooden bed floor, but this one is going to. Now to make all the metal trim for it.
  4. The C10 bodies are no longer available. 3D model specialties is where I got them though.
  5. Thanks fellas. Your Road Runners all look good man. I like em.
  6. I still have Challenger that I built using the windows I got from you Carl. Did you ever do anything with the velocity stacks I sent to you?
  7. Wanted...windows for 58 Christine Plymouth pro mod
  8. Thank you everyone for the kind words. I posted the original build on here step by step in 2013. Got knocked off of a shelf about 6 months later. Just now got it back together.
  9. Thank you everyone for the kind words
  10. Thank you everyone. The tires came from the 55 Chevy Pro Sportsman kit.
  11. dimebolt

    68 Charger

    Here are some pictures of the Charger I built as a Christmas gift to my dad in 2010. And other various mopars I've built.
  12. Thank you fellas. This build had alot of firsts for me, and was really a big experiment. Way out of the norm for me.
  13. dimebolt

    29 Model A

    Here is one that I built in 2013, and finally finished in 2019.
  14. I shaped a piece of solder to use as the clamp.
  15. A little progress on the Charger. More of the suspension mounted up, and master cylinder plumbed and installed. Instructions called for the shocks all to be mounted on the outside of the shock towers, but reference pictures show 2 on the inside and 2 on the outside.
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