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  1. Thanks Pat, yes I have. Finally have a good place to build again, and the time, and drive to do it also.
  2. Thank you. I really like the way these 2 colors go together.
  3. Excellent work as always Tyrone.
  4. John Pol, thank you. I didn't use the Createx on this .I am doing some experimenting with it on another car. Not really satisfied with the way it cures. Seems to take way too long to dry. But if you can get it to lay down smooth, I've found that I can spray it down with a coat of Testors wet look clear lacquer, it can then be handled after several hours, and wet sanded safely after a day. As far as mixing it has directions on the bottle. I don't have one handy at the moment, but it said, and I can't remember the sizes; that with a tip for bigger spray, you do not have to thin it. When I get to
  5. All of these pics are just mocked up. Still have a ton of work to do.
  6. It's only letting me upload some of my pictures, but it's letting me get some in now.
  7. It is a Sally Hanson nail polish called Rock Bottom. I have about 30 or so more pictures to upload, but it the upload fails every time I try to upload pictures. Managed to get two uploaded, but hasn't let me do it since.
  8. Snake45, i just started this one about a month ago, lol. I haven't built anything else since late 2012. This one is all new. I'm not going to try to rush it, as I'm building this for a contest. Shooting for April 10th. Still for some reason tells me upload failed when I try to post pics. I've got quite a bit more progress made than what's in the pics that did go through.
  9. Having an issue posting any more pictures for some reason.
  10. Here is finally my first real work in progress since late 2012. Wasn't really able to build for a long time, but I'm spending a few hours a day again and it feels great.
  11. The lighting really is poor in here where I took the pics. The color is actually a nail polish called Rock Bottom, by Sally Hansen. It's pretty close in color to Testors Purpliscous. Am gonna try to get a better lighting setup.
  12. Here are a few pics of the latest build on my bench. Havent done a whole lot with it yet. Just some primer, sanding and base coat for now. Played around with the stance a little bit. It should be a cool one. Until next time.
  13. I now have another Glidden Pro Stocker and will be building on it soon. It is in primer getting ready to be sanded as we speak. Cheers.
  14. Thanks guys. This one is on the back burner for a little while as I'm starting on another build at the moment. I started this one about 2 1/2 years ago and moved. As usual things happened where I wasn't able to go further at that point. But I will get back to it soon.
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