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Found 10 results

  1. Yes I searched, using 'chrome plating' and 'chrome plater', tagged this topic to help everyone out. I know I've read recommendations before, buried in topics, but don't see an obvious dedicated topic. Last century, I sent out parts to get chrome plated, makes a HUGE improvement. Want to know who is still in business and worth the effort. About ready to pull the trigger.....
  2. This is not a tutorial, yet, but I hope to make it one eventually based on what I see here. I have a language problem slowing the effort. Spoon test
  3. Duplicolor Instant Chrome has long been my go-to method for exhaust pipes and fenders on large motorcycle models. It's not bright chrome but I've always been happy with the contrast with other silver paints. Now it appears that Instant Chrome has been discontinued. I tried their "Universal Chrome" and it is a dark silver, not even as bright as Testors silver. It's pretty but it is no good for brightwork. I see that Duplicolor has a new METALLIC Chrome. Has anyone tried this color?
  4. Rear bumpers needed: 1961 SMP Impala, 1960 AMT Pontiac. Grille needed: 1963 AMT Tempest LeMans. These were part of my 'old' original collection from hi school, but have become detached and lost, somehow. I have lots of new, unused bumpers, grilles, and wheel cover sets from 1959 thru 1965 to trade, or sell. Grille/bumper sets include '60 Merc, '60 T-Bird, '60 Lincoln Cont., '60 Corvette, '62 Ford Galaxie, grill for '61 Ford, '62 Tempest, and more. I need help; I'm 72 and aging fast. Please let me know if you can help. Modeling since the '50s! Wick
  5. Hi all, I'm cracking away at this model and finally got to applying the Bare Metal chrome to the trim areas. This was the first time, and I did pretty well applying. I am good at doing stuff like this, but I am disappointed at the look. It looks too much like tin foil! Maybe it's not smooth enough? And I burnished etc... Anyway I am thinking of taking it off and getting one of those Molotow chrome markers I've heard about. Any recommends on the tip size?
  6. Hey guys I searched the forums but couldn't find the answer. I'm new to clear coating and am not sure if I should clear coat the body before or after I paint the chrome trim. Not sure the chrome will stick after the clear. Thanks!
  7. Morning everyone, OK...what am I doing wrong? I've got the AMT '51 Chevy kit and I sprung for the expensive Spaz paint (including the gloss black sealer). However, my chrome looks just plain old silver. Was it because I brushed it on? (don't have airbrush yet....) ?????
  8. Well,no more Alclad for me,it did not really impress me to begin with.
  9. So, everyone seems to have their favorite method of Chrome Removal that works great for your needs. The question is, "Do you leave the Clear Coat on spray over it or do you Strip It Clean?" Why do you leave it on or why do you strip it bare naked? Those who leave the Clear Coat on, how about sharing your reasoning. Look at the Chrome Stripping thread some do and some don't. Most didn't say one way or the other why they do what they do, they were explaining how they removed the chrome itself. For me I prefer the naked parts as a foundation to refinish either with the appropriate metal or paint finish.
  10. Hello professionals! I'm a new here and to car collecting. I had experience on collecting airplanes but it was a long time ago.. in childhood. Now I do more serious stuff. I love Cadillac classics and my first project is 1959 Cadillac Biarritz Convertible. I want to make it perfectly done. I bought lots of tools, paints, etc. So far this is my first project and I don't know a lot of stuff. Actually chrome parts, trim, etc. And my first question is.. how to hide white pieces of plastic after filing? I made shape very smooth but I don't know how to mask. What do you do? Is it possible to match the manufacturer chrome? Thank you for all answers! Here's my situation:
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