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1:25 Monogram 94' Mustang GT Update: 2/21/2017


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Starting on a Custom Monogram 94' Mustang GT in 1:25 Scale.


I plan to paint it Testors Gloss Bright Blue. (Changed To Testors Blue Metal Flake)



Wanted to get rid of the side badges that said GT Mustang before paint (already sanded).


The mold is in yellow and I need to get primer so I will paint as soon as I get some.


As for the wheels I will be using spare painted Tamiya R32 Skyline Rims and Tires (Black/Blue Lip, will touch them up a little).



It's also going to be Wingless and the Headlights will be yellow tinted and Taillights black tinted.


Kinda what I'm going for, could not make exact vision but good enough.




Hope you all Enjoy!

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Its been a while haha. So Finally getting around to this thing as I will be going to get primer today or tomorrow. Also I'm changing the paint from the Gloss Blue to a Plasti Dip Black (Flat Black), everything else is staying the same as planned.

I'll give an another update tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks :)


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I decided to not go with primer, want to see how this plays out. I painted the first coat (Top/Sides/Front/Rear) of the Testors Blue Metal Flake. (Wanted To See How The Yellow Mold Plays in with the Paint.)

Will Put Second Coat On By End Of Weekend.

Thanks :) 


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