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Rusty's last Pontiac


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Thought I'd already posted this latest build, but obviously I hadn't.

Finished about three weeks ago, this is the Monograms revised Grand Prix from the 'Dirt Devil' boxing. The decals are from the superb Powerslide sheet, but the lower 'Harvest Yellow' is my own mix of Tamiya acrylics. The black is also Tamiya straight from the rattle-can then polished back with Micro-Mesh cloths. I sealed everything in with good ol' Humbrol 'Clear Cote' (sic), which was also polished back.

Been building aircraft for the past few weeks, I'll get back to more NASCAR modelling in a few weeks, there's the '03 Chevy to finish and a re-do of a '98 Taurus in the queue, so please stay tuned.

Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment.






and across the  line.JPG

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Very nice, Ian.  That was back in the day when you could see a car on the race track and know who was driving it, or vise-versa, when you wanted to find your driver, you knew what car to look for.  These days they change schemes race-to-race, it seems.

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