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hello there fellow builders. my name is josh. my friends call me george or geo for short, thats a story for another time. im 25 yrs old. i started building model cars when i was about 10. somewhere around then. my first build was a 1964 chevy impala convertible. im not sure where it went to...in fact, i lost 3 of my first builds. the other two were a 1966 olds 442 w30 and a 1986 monte carlo ss. i hope i can find them sometime. anyways, after y had those built, i went on hiatus for many years. i just started back up recently, so i think you can do the math. i recently just finished my first car in a long time. its a 1941 willys pro-street rod turned gasser. i will post pictures of the build in a different thread. ive been into building gassers and will probably be building more. what got me back into building models was my father. he decided that he needed to get rid of some of his junk he didnt need and in that "junk" was a full box of built models and extra parts. i went through the box and picked out what i wanted and what i could use. i will also be posting pictures of those builds as well, because i am pulling them apart and re-doing them.  if there are any other questions you may have about me, just ask and i will tell all. 

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