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Hello All, I've been into modeling for a little while now but still have a lot to learn. I've completed 3 or 4 models so far but none worth posting, they really didn't turn out that good, I am currently working on the Revell GMC plow truck and today I finished cutting out the grill witch was a first for me, I will post a picture of it as soon as I figure out how. I like to base my models on cars I've actually seen this one being one I just saw sitting in front of an old barn. Thanks for having me and I'm sure I'll learn alot and maybe someday contribute, Once again, Thanks! ~Junk

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Welcome, Nathan. Your stimulus of "I like to base my models on cars I've actually seen" makes for an endless source of modeling ideas .. I'll be watching to see what comes out of this machine! :)  I do mostly cars I've owned so the same type of stimulus drives me. It also sounds lik eyou are starting out right ... learning something new on every build. That's how even the champs learn.

I like your '55 ... it's even kitbashed already!

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Thanks for all the kind words so far guys, I have several kits started right know and will start topics on them when finished, This is one of the other kits I've  done, the MPC '75 dodge dart, all box stock besides the front left wheel. I decided to make this one a  faded beater, hence the barley visible faded spots on the roof, the thing I like about doing beaters is that you don't really see the flaws that much, just cover them up with rust! 


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