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1915 Fad T body Conversion


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Side view showing off the 6 scale in sectioningI am going to call it now, but I think the next big phase will be 1970's Resto Rods and Fad T's. I have seen a bunch of 1970's rod and custom barn finds show up in popular magazines and on Facebook. I have bee following the large scale Carl Casper Phone booth T on this site and the late 60's and early seventies are getting a lot of attention.

I dug out of my stash my Tognotti King T and did some research that a lot of the Fad T's were based on the 1915 glass body. The King T is a supposedly stock bodied 1915 T... Wit a little bit of mold making magic I made the cab and turtle deck. I then proceeded to chop up the body to follow the famous Leg Show T. I cut behind the doors straight down. I cut the top of the body off front of the cut. I removed an additional 6 scale inches and re glued the cowl on. I made a template of the new curved sides and matched the back to the new, lower body sides. I shot a picture of a casting of the Tognotti T and my work. I am glad it took the pictures. This showed me two things, firstly the body sides were spreading out which I quickly straightened out. The second thing I noticed was the body leading edge sloped upward on the passenger side.  Both the original body and my project body had it so i adjusted the body to even things out. I had to remove the body reveals and replace all of them.

Side by side comparison

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I decided to remake all body reveals and I used Evergreen strip for the top of the sides and on the rear of the cab. I went to my local Maker Space and used the laser cutter to make the new raised door panels. The details can be seen in white plastic. I also ground down some ugly tooling blobs on the inside of the body. The original kit has a tub style interior ad would cover that. Since I do not know what I will use for an interior yet, I smoothed it out. I also smoothed and filled / molded the cowl.

New trim appliedRear view

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   Funny that you mentioned what you did

a posting opener, because I plan a T

build for my next endeavor in the realm

of styrene engineering as it were!!

   I like what you have going so far, I will be

watching this build for sure.

  You might say that a T build is on my

BUCKET list very soon!!


   Keep er' rolling,

     David S.

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Rat Rod, yes I do. I have the 1915 cab and turtle deck up on Ebay as well as up for sale on my Facebook page. Look up Gas_Punk_Alley. I have some t bucket parts and I will have more coming soon. I will have more of the smaller parts available only on the Facebook page since Evil Bay hits you so hard with fees.

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I just made a mold of windshield and the radiator / grill assembly. The next steps will be making the chopped grill that is extra deep. The Leg Show T appears to have a triple core radiator so I will be making the appropriate adjustments. With a cast windshiled placed on the body I can start adjusting the MPC Switcher T bucket 2003 Richta show reissue roof to fit the body. 


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