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Flashback Review! - 1981 MPC "Turbo-Z"


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Seeing this kit, started me looking for them. Wow! They sure fetch good money over there on the auction site.

Maybe time for the guys at Round2 to look over the tool (s) for this series of kits and see what can be squeezed out. Given the huge variety of options to the same basic tool (especially in the early 1980's) a kit that featured some assortment of Fender Flares, Snow Plow Spoilers and intake options would sell to both new buyers and folks restoring these kits. Hopefully the Volare, Duster, and Nova kits have sold well enough to make this a potential future kit.


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I wouldn't mind taking another crack at that one myself. Too bad your decals are toast but Keith Marks has them in several colors.

Here's mine , built around '87 or '88. The pics were taken 11 years ago. That blue plastic never did bleed through my white Duplicolor laquer. 

Simple kit but can look pretty good built up.

130 3015

130 3016

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Looking at Steve's build above reminds me of the only thing I never liked on this kit. And that is the rear bumper. The way that rear bumper was designed on the model kit, it does look right to me. It's too fat, and/or flat? I don't know? It just doesn't look right were the bumper and rear fenders comes in contact. This problem was true on all MPC Camaros from 1978 - 1981. Great kit otherwise. I had forgotten about this until see Steve's kit.

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Here is the one I  built back in 1984.  I painted Tit estors Metallic Burgendy, I primered the blue plastic with flat white. This was just a fun little model I put together over the course of about two or three days, I forget which now. A simple build but looks pretty good, even after 32 years! 1.jpg2.jpg
This is one time I wish the tail lights were molded in clear! I did what I could with Testors' enamels over the red lenses though.
It looks like I had the MPC 69 Firebird kit handy, since I took the wheels and side pipes from it :-) I do not know why I put the spoiler stripe on the wrong side. I guess I
thought it would look better that way.
I have to put the exhaust pipe back on from the front of the turbo, I seemed to have lost that part. A strange looking turbo, the turbo "bolts" to the intake and the carb sets off to the side with the exhaust pipes running together and then going into the back side of the turbo. 5.jpg
Not much done on the frame, just painted flat black. I do have a pipe that goes between the side pipes and will match to the exhaust pipe that comes from the turbo whenever I find/make one.
Thanks for joining me on this walk back into time :-)
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