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What engine could go to GMC Astro?

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GMC Astro of AMT comes with 8V Detroit. I know some were gas turbine powered. I wonder what other engines could be placed in the Astro. I´ve seen a brochure with Cummins in it. I need the 8V Detroit for another project. But what engine can I use for the Astro instead? Would twin turboed Cummins of RoG work? Converted to a single turbo maybe? Thanks for any info.

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From the factory, for the 1977 GMC Astro/95, GMC offered the DD 6-71N, 8V-71N, 6V-92, 8V-92, 12V-71N; Cummins NTC290, & KT450; and the Caterpillar 3406. 

Now, this isn't to say that someone didn't have the Cummins NTTC475 & stuck it in a glider, or repowered an older Astro (the kit is basically a 1972-76, give or take a little).

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AMT's Astro in it's original release is most likely a 71 or 72 but could be a 69 to 76. The updated release with the optional fuel tanks and exhaust etc is supposed to be a 77 to 84  so Driptroit 71 and Jim B are quite accurate. Astros were built from 69 to 84 and could of had the same engine options as other trucks.The 3406 Cat was the only Cat offered and all though offered I never seen or heard of one with a KT450 Cummins. Most Astro's I saw over the years had 8v71, 8v71t,6v92,8v92 Detroits or 250,290,335,350 Cummins. The twin turbo 475 Cummins was a short lived engine plagued with problems and was replaced by the 444 which also had issues and was replaced by the 444xl. The 444xl was short lived as it was the test bed for many design features that would become the N14.

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