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bumper question

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I wonder what is the purpose of the big bumpers like this one on the Ford wrecker. A similar bumper is in Canadian or Alaskan hauler (Revell RoG Peterbilt 359) kits. Is it just for cool looks or is there something inside? Like counterweight or something? Thanks for the info.

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A few reasons; counterweight, for one (some are filled with scrap metal, I've seen a few with sand or rock as well) as well as a way to push wrecked vehicles out of the road if necessary. It is also a nice, prominent place for advertisement and does a fairly good job of protecting the front suspension, should the truck be in a collision. Some wreckers also have front outriggers and I've seen big wrecker bumpers like that used to mount those and their hydraulic systems.

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That would sure make someone driving a Smart Car think twice about trying to cut him off on the highway.

Not around here, they'd cut ya off if ya were driving a bus!!!!! LOL

Looking at that one it looks as if it'd have weights inside...

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