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A couple of basic tips/ideas for anyone interested

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I recently moved to Cincinnati from Connecticut and for the time being, I'm in a one bedroom apartment with a small area set aside for building. With some inexpensive Revell wood items from the local Michael's, I was able to build the following basic work area. I used sections of wood to create "holders" for paint bottles to help prevent tipping, and used the leftover lengths to make a guard at the back to keep things from rolling off the back of the table:



Also, while at Michael's, I found these little paint storage cups that are perfect for storing small parts that may have fallen off of a kit tree. They come in strips of six but you can easily break them apart. They're small enough that you can toss a few loose parts into them and then throw them right into the kit box:



If you're wondering, the part in there is a tongue! It's from the Weird-Oh's Freddy Flameout kit.

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Wow. Photobucket is screwing me over and asking for a $400 fee to post my images to this site. I'm going to look into free alternatives. Back soon!

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I save cream cheese and dip containers after we finish with them.  They will hold about all the smaller parts and subassemblies as well.  Put parts in there, drop that in the box, and the small parts are saved from being lost.   Also use the square gallon ice cream containers to hold whole kits and stuff that may go with the kits.  Of course, I may consume more ice cream than some, but we save the containers. I also made my purple pond out of one.   I keep extra tires organized in dip containers.  Slicks, new, old, etc.  My workbench is in the storage building out back.  So in the winter, I can put my liquids that don;t need to be frozen in an ice cream bucket and store in house all in one place.  Or make a quick "to go" setup to take things to house to be able to detail paint or whatever when it's too cold to work in building.  I use the short salsa jars to hold lacquer thinner on airbrush table.  I use it to clean the airbush.  

that's my handful of tips... things that you probably already have.  

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