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Convert Monogram 70 GSX to 71 GS

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I have Monogram's '70 Buick GSX kit, and I'd like to build a '71 GS convertible.  I ordered a resin convertible body from Mill City Replicas.  The only other real differences between the years are the bumpers and the grill.  

--> Does anyone know if there is a '71 version of the bumpers and grill out there that I can use?  Someone making them in resin or something?

If not, I'll have to fabricate them.

Below are pictures of the front and rear of the 1971 GS, which is slightly different from '70, the Monogram 1970 kit, and the resin convertible body I ordered.

1971 Grill and Front Bumper.jpg

1971 Rear Bumper.jpg

Monogram 1970 GSX Kit.jpg

Resin Convertible Body.jpg

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Can anyone recommend a type of photo etch mesh that I could use to make a new grille?  I've been doing a lot of googling and have some options, like this, but I've never made a grille from scratch before, so I thought I'd check with the experts. (I.e. you guys.)

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Bump.  Anyone know a good photo-etch mesh that I could use for the grill?

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 Model Car Garage makes PE mesh. Don't know if they make square pattern though.

That's the body you're getting? It's just the hardtop body with the top cut off, you could do that yourself if you can do the bumpers and grille.

I used to own a '70 Skylark cvt, that body is completely wrong from the roof opening back. Notice how the 1/4 panel goes almost strait back from where the window opening stops and the boot starts and the resin body has a pronounced hump where the roof was cut off? and how the tulip panel between the roof and trunk lid does not kick up at the sides like on a hardtop? If you have an AMT '69 Chevelle convertible and a hardtop you can compare this area on those to see what I mean. Here's a couple pics also . Good luck with it.

Related image

Image result for 70 skylark convertible

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