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Anyone have any experience with redlinerestoration castings from eBay?

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I am not sure if the 69 Chevelle wagon I got several years ago was from this same seller. But it was from Ebay. It is a nice casting I have actually turned mine into a Buick Sportwagon. using panels from the Monogram GSX kit. still haven't finished it maybe some century.



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On ‎11‎/‎23‎/‎2017 at 6:29 AM, ranma said:

The resin wagon non wood grain is the one I bought from this vendor while the other was bought from a different seller




Look hard at the pictures. Rick has done a lot of work on the model, and while they are not of Modelhaus quality, the subject matter is interesting.  If that is acceptable to you, go for it!!!! I am not going to write anything disparaging, so there.

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26 minutes ago, Deano said:

I said "I don't know."  Thanks for the answer. :unsure:

I did not answer your question to be a smart---. If you look at Rick's photo, one wagon is true to the one-to -one with smooth, straight edges, and the other is mis-proportioned in that the rear compartment is too short and the roof has as many waves in it as my hair. The good one with the woodgrain is from The Modelhaus, and the other is from whats his name.

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